March 5th, 2002


Drained, tired, exhausted, sleep...

...are those the only mood icons I have to choose from?? Sheesh.**

Final dress went well. But this means that tomorrow is OPENING NIGHT!!!! AHHHHH!!! I guess we are ready, but still. Eeep!

I just wasted 20 minutes on a new icon that I probably won't use. It's an adorable picture (of *cough*Wade*cough*), but I couldn't get the text to do what I wanted.

[EDIT: I lied...I uploaded one of them (without the text). This post is now a GIP. It's Wade. Think of the caption: "Ever feel like you're talking to a wall??" Look at the eyes. He's so fed up. Damn puppies.]

I Bleh on school.

[**That was sarcasm because of the large variety of actual moods 4 to say that I'm ready for sleep. My sarcasm sucks when I get tired.]
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Damn me

Things I have accomplished in the past 2 hours:
-Updated journal
-Read chapter 1 of The Great Gatsby (and enjoyed it)
-Put in new earrings (that will not stay in past the weekend)...but I have 6 holes, so that took some time.

Yup. That took 2 hours. And in all fairness, I read half of Gatsby in class today, so I only had about 14 pages left.

I'm just to that point where I am far too tired to work, but just can't go to sleep. Like the Sarah McLachlan song:
"I'm so tired, but I can't sleep. I'm standing on the edge of something much too deep.

I feel that I should attempt History homework before crashing though. Blah. In bed by midnight. Most definitely.
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