March 4th, 2002


Dead, so very tired...

Remind me not to get a job where I have to wear pantyhose for over 9 hours. So uncomfortable. And I got 4 holes/runs...they were brand new this morning. I suck.

Tech was loooooooong. Nine hours. I am so beat.

Now I get to start homework. AHAHAHAHAHA.

Maybe next week I'll do homework. *sighs* I'm not completely a slacker. I've just lost my will to do school related things. Besides, I'm always so exhausted. I wish I knew why. I eat well. I take care of myself. I get enough sleep. I don't do overly strenuous activites...why am I tired all the time?

Leftover Olive Garden for dinner. Yum!
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    The Only One - Tabitha's Secret

It seems to me that "maybe" pretty much always mean "no"

So don't tell me, you might just let it go
*"Flake" - Jack Johnson

I've done my homework. All of it, except French. And I'm in the middle of a Calculus take home test. And I haven't cheated at all. Go me. It's not too hard though. But trying to recall information after three LONG days of forgetting is proving a bit difficult. Perhaps I should have studied a tad first.

I'm sleepy. I'll probably be in bed by midnight. The sad thing is...that's the latest I've been up all weekend. I'm so old!

Tomorrow is Final Dress, then we open on Wednesday. *sighs* The hills are alive...

I'm going to go finish my test, then sleep. Yes. Sounds good.
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    True Colors - an unknown acapella group I have on mp3