March 3rd, 2002


Nikki Day

My friends and I live busy lives. School, homework, sport, activities, families, etc. We always joke about hanging out sometimes "Yeah, maybe around May? 2036 might be a good year. But I'll have to check my schedule and pencil you in."

So Nikki decided that she would actually schedule a day in with everyone individually. Today is my Nikki Day. Hmmm...I should call her and see what she wants to do. I was thinking Crossroads or 40 Days, 40 Nights....

Also, I just realized that I still have a $55 gift card to Express. Woo!!! Literally, my entire wardrobe come from that store. I love it.

I now.
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Damn MTV

I hate when they run marathons of shows. I get addicted. And watch. For hours.

Today: Real World Chicago! Yeah Chicago!! And it's going from the very first's awesome!

Yes. Commercial break. Show starting soon. Must go back...
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I love Real World

I am loving this show so much right now. I adore all the chicks on it, and they guys are okay. I really dislike Theo, but that's just because he's an asshole.

It's also awesome that they show little clips of the city. I love Chicago so much. It's beautiful and a great city. I want to go downtown right now!

[EDIT: I HATE using "<3" and all those little internet abbreviations, but I felt in necessary because I was thinking of those "I *heart* NY" shirts...and stuff like that. Chicago is the best.]
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    I <3 Chicago

I'm so bored...

I was watching Real World in my living room. Stretched out on the couch, enjoying my own company.

Then mommy comes home.

It was bad enough that I was woken up at 8 this morning because she decided to vacuum. And that she let a 6-year old pick out apples meaning that most have bruises and are McIntosh (ew...squishy) instead of Fuji (mmm...crisp). And that she decided to have an obscenely loud phone conversation in the middle of the living room...during Real World. And then calls me to help her clean out a little bedroom so that she could paint it.

Grr...why couldn't she have gone out of town too?

So now I'm in my room. Not watching Real World. I have a TV...but arg. I'm too irritated right now. One, don't mess with my apples. Two, don't mess with my TV shows.
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Weather Report: It's fucking cold

It's about 5 degrees out. The wind chill is -11. That's right. You go outside and it feels like it is 11 degrees below zero. BRRRRR!

I hung out at Cici's for a majority of the day...or at least everything after 2. Apparently my mother and I can't be alone in a house together for more than an hour without driving each other fucking nuts.

Went to dinner at Olive Garden. Yum. My leftovers froze (literally) in my car while Ci and I watched Ever After. So good!!

I need sleep. I have to wake up at 8, because I have tech starting at 9. First dress rehearsal. We open Wednesday. WEDNESDAY. That's like...three days. Holy shit. Ready or not...

Yay for Alanis. (I'm listening to Hands Clean. *clicks repeat* Hee hee.)

I'm cold. And I'm wearing three layers. I think I need a blanket.

I'm going to get into my jammies and go to bed. Goodnight Moon.
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