March 2nd, 2002


Rising...not quite shinning yet

Rehearsal didn't get pushed back. I have to be to school in a half an hour.

It snowed. A lot. But it has since stopped, and plows have cleared the streets and Mama cleared the driveway (yay for me not having to shovel!).

I have a dilemma. As it is, I'm at tech until 6:30. Eww. Afterward, Lindsay is having a gathering at her house, because she goes back to school tomorrow. But my cousin Adam is also having an 18th birthday party that Mommy wants (and expects me to go to). I feel indebted to the family side of things (since I missed Steph's birthday back in January - during finals week - and...well, I was at my Grandma's party. So there :oP)

But yes. Lindsay or Adam. Hmmm....
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Scratch that...

I just called Mama to see where I should meet them for Adam's party, but she told me not to come because the roads are so bad. I don't know if I mentioned it, but it's snowing again. Pretty hard again too.

I guess I'm spending an evening alone until I go to Lindsay's later.

So much for being rushed.
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Because I keep telling myself...

I'm in the middle of watching Untitled, the Director's Cut of Almost Famous. This movie is fucking awesome and gets better every time. I've probably watched it about 10 times (the normal version), and it's just fabulous.

And the little extras added to the scenes are awesome. Completely worth it.

Okay, well, it's paused right now, so I'm going to go finish watching it.

It stopped snowing, but that means that there is about 3 inches of snow in my driveway. Hmmm...I wonder if I can get out without shoveling...?

(Also, I love Jason Lee. He's awesome in the Kevin Smith films, and fantastic as Jeff Bebe, lead singer of Stillwater. God, I love this movie!!)
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"So this is where The Enemy sleeps..."

Fuck. This movie is so fucking awesome.

Honestly, if there is ANYONE on my friend's list who has not seen it, GET IN YOUR CAR right this very instant, go to Blockbuster or whatever rental place and RENT ALMOST FAMOUS RIGHT NOW!!!! (if possible, get the special edition DVD: Untitled. It's worth it.)


Cameron Crowe is nothing short of a genius.

And movies about music are amazing. I think I'm watching Empire Records next.

Lindsay's was canceled because of the weather and everyone is dead. When she told me, I was like "Eh, I'm already lounging on the bed, watching a movie and eating potato chips." It's one of those evenings.
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Oh Rexy, You're So Sexy

Empire Records is a fantastic movie. Absolutely incredible. *nods* It actually makes me cry, which is rather strange because it's not quite the "drama". Ooo well.

I was considering watching a third movie tonight. Then realized that I'm really fucking tired. And I might be able to sleep for over 12 hours. Mmmm...lots of sleep makes me happy.

I don't think I've made an entry yet today that didn't use the word "fuck". Hmm...perhaps I should try to clean that up a bit.
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