March 1st, 2002


I'm not at school

Odd, one might think, doesn't she have school until 3:24, followed by tech until 9?

Well, you'd be completely correct. Except that my call was changed to 6:30. And Mommy took off work early to pick me up from school at 3.

And I am really REALLY tired. I'm thinking I'll take a shower, then nap, then wake up at 6. laid plans...
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Goooooooooooodnight Chicagoland (and the rest of the world)

Remember a few days ago, Sunday to be exact, I said how beautiful the weather was. 51 degrees? Then the next day, it was 30? Today...we are having a blizzard. Well, not that bad, but there is a predicted 8-12 inches before sunrise, and it's started already.

The roads suck. They haven't been plowed yet, but I think salt trucks went out before it started. I'm going to have to shovel my way out of the driveway because Daddy's on vacation. Blah.

Had to unbury my car from the parking lot. Two inches accumulated already. My hair is now wet. And my mittens are soaked. And it was cold. I don't like snow. The only good thing is that it means it can't be TOO cold. Once the temperature drops below 10 (or something), it's too cold for clouds and thus too cold for snow. Thank god it's not below zero. I'll take my 29 degrees.

It was okay. Nothing terribly exciting. We ended at about 9:15. *checks watch* I just got home about 10 minutes ago. I sat talking with Bridgette, Steph, Charlie, Eric and Goldy for over an hour. It was fun. But I'm tired.

We aren't sure when tech will start tomorrow. I'm called at 9:30, but with the snow, it might be pushed to later, depending on the plows, etc. It will be posted on at 8:15 my actual call time.

Theatre-boy Zach:
*frowns* He was being overly touchy, and basically to the point of inappropriate today. Bad Zach. All I can say better not continue.

Tired. Nap earlier was good. Let's recreate. Bed. Now. Night.
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