February 25th, 2002


I don't remember the bitchy pony...

If I had to rate today like the horoscopes do, I'd say today was a 5. Not completely bad, and a couple of good, I suppose.

I got quite a bit of sleep last night, having gone to bed at 10:30. But I tossed and turned and was unrested. *growls* As such, this morning when I tried to study for my History test, I failed miserably and gave up after 20 minutes to join JC, Carly and Zander (random) at a table.

As it turns out, I studied 20 minutes too long. It was the fucking easiest test in the world. Sure, there were a couple things I didn't know, but for the most part, it was a breeze. If you attempt the homework (even BSing it) and pay attention in class, there is no reason to study.

Didn't get burned in French for not doing the homework. Nor did he check in Calculus...however he did check to see if we had gotten the AP Review book. Whoops. Tomorrow Mr. Gasper, I swear!

But yes, that was my day. Still sleepy, but not a whole lot of homework, and I don't have to stay at school till 9 until Wednesday. Yay!

Oh, and the weather? What the fuck? It's 30 degrees today. That's 20 degrees lower than yesterday!! Chicago weather sucks. *fumes*

Also, Pink is amazing. "My Vietnam" and "Misery" are both really good song. J'aime bien.

One more thing (this is the end, I promise)...if you buy Neapolitan ice cream, fucking eat all of it. Don't just take the strawberry and vanilla, take the Chocolate too. If you don't like chocolate, don't fucking buy the Neapolitan ice cream, just get strawberry or just get vanilla. < /rant >

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My back hurts. Like really bad. I was coming home from Ci's apartment and my back just started to KILL. It hurts so bad. Like I need to crack it, but I've tried that...a lot. Can I just get a spinal replacement?

What else? Hmm...

Had to get Mama plane tickets to Orlando. She and my aunt Judy are going down for...well, it's during my Spring Break, but my cousin Annette (the only reason we go to Florida) is having surgery, so they are going to help her out for the week. I was invited to go...I'm not. A couple of my friends...actually scratch that. I think Allie's the only one that knows, but she thinks I'm crazy for not going. But it's not like a Florida Vacation. They never are. They are more like "family visits". And I wouldn't even have my cousin Steph to keep me company. It would be me, the moms, and Annette.

Besides, I might be road-tripping out to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit Lindsay...with Nikki, Candace and Charlie most likely. I hope we do get to go. Even if it's only a couple days, I'd like to say that I did something for a vacation.

And just when you think you can't have any more sisters...
Dave and Katie are over. Apparently it's Katie's birthday. I don't know, when I got home they were comparing the Civil War to Vietnam. Interesting, but I'll take my random history knowledge and keep it to myself.

I probably had something else to say (when don't I?)...and I'll probably post again later.
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Stupid cat...

She knocked down my Aerosmith poster that was strategical placed over the back of a chair so that she would stop laying on it. Whore.

Sad thing...I have 4 posters to put up...and no wall space. My room is, as one might say, cluttered. *sigh*

Back to English essay. It's so fucked up, I love it! Completely informal. Almost anti-formal. And it's a half-rant on the youth of America and ... well, I'm not really sure what else it is. But I think I'm working within the guidelines. Depending on how it goes, I may post it later. It's not due until Wednesday, so I may put it on hiatus for the rest of the evening and just shower and get to bed. Yay for bed.

*Side note: I am completely random. My music, my posters, my tastes, my moods. There is no rhyme or reason for any of it. Other than the Aerosmith, I have a Van Gogh and two Disney posters to put up. I just went from classical to Britney Spears to the Saved By the Bell theme...and now it's Default. I also have a WIDE assortment of other music. And ya know what? I like it. I like being weird and unclassifiable.
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