February 24th, 2002


Does avoiding school dances include avoiding school?

So I meet Lindsay at Panera at 7:30. It's empty. That NEVER happens. We both laugh because all of their customers (high school students) are all getting ready for the dance.

We pick up food, and decide to go to school to bring Bridgette and Eric (who are there working on the musical -- hanging drops mostly) cookies that we got them. We hang out, and as people start coming to the dance (which started at 8), they stop in.

During the dance some people wandered in (mostly JC because he hates dances) but for the most part it was just me, Linz, Bridgette and Eric. There was lots of laughing. And all of a sudden *poof* it's after 1. Okay, so not really poof, but the time from 8 until 11 flew away quickly.

So I never made it back to Linz's house, but still got to hang out with her all night. And I haven't seen Bridgette in a while. And I feel like I never see Eric because I haven't been to crew in what feels like forever. I've been at rehearsals for all three shows. Fall Play I was assistant director and stage manager. STUNTS I was stage manager (and I also had a part in a scene). And now for Sound of Music, I'm in the cast. It's been a crazy year. This is my 11th show, first time in the cast. Crazy year.

But it was really fun. And I was considering joining up with my group of friends who are at Lizzy's right now. But I'm tired. And feel like I'm intruding if I just come to hang out but didn't go to dinner or the dance with them. I'm sure I'll see pictures and hear stories on Monday.

But yes. I spent way too much time at school for it being a Saturday. *thinks* 8-1, then 7:45-1:15...10 and a half hours. Wow. Gaily needs sleep.
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Songs that need to find a home on a CD

Reminder to self...if I were to write this down, I'd loose the paper...
-You Owe Me Nothing - Alanis Morissette
-Why Does it Always Rain on Me - Travis
-What a Good Boy - Barenaked Ladies
-Don't Think Twice (cover) - Bree Sharp

A second CD to be made:
-Thanks That Was Fun - BNL
-Hands Clean - Alanis
-17 - Mandy Moore
-New Jerusalem - Carly Simon
-Cinderella - Britney Spears
-Monkey - Counting Crows
-Oh What a Circus - Evita
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*beats head on desk...repeatedly*

I'm really bored. And I have a TON of homework to do, and about 5 hours to do it in. It's not going to get done, but at this point, I don't even want to start.

*sighs* Maybe I'll watch a movie...take a nap. Yes, I just woke up a little over an hour ago.
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This is most definitely a GIP

I don't think it will be staying long, but he was just too cute to pass up.

Olympic pout.

In other news, I tried to nap...and failed miserably. I'm in such a blah mood today that I don't want to do anything. And I really want a turkey sandwich on tomato basil bread from Panera. *sighs* And I have a headache. Might have to do with drinking a Frappuccino on an empty stomach.

I'm just falling apart today, I suppose.
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Let's see how many times I can post in a day...

So a week ago I was in LA. I was happy. I was having fun.

Now, it feels like that was a million years ago and that I need a vacation. A break from it all. Bleh.

I need a mood lifter. Must. Find. Something. Good.

Edit: I love this icon more than I can say.
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It's official...

I'm obsessed with Alanis's new CD. Every song I hear, I love even more than before.

I'll have to go shopping Tuesday to buy it.
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Feeling better. Which is good, because I hate feeling like shit.

I thank JC's website and Candace for that.

JC (damn, I've been talking about him a lot lately) has one of the best websites ever. All the pictures he takes with his digital camera go there, and he has a quotes page and it's really only fun if you know him and the people around here, but I was looking at LA pictures, and reading new quotes.

Then I went on AIM and started talking to Candace. She said that she wanted to go to Hallmark and asked if I wanted to go with her. Knowing full well that she has no car, I figured she was eluding to the "hey, you wanna drive me to the mall?" As much as she can irk me, she can also make me happy. So that was another good thing.

And overall, other than not getting any homework done, I'm doing pretty well now. I'll be leaving in about 20 minutes to go to dinner with Steph.
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Why bother being ashamed of who you are?

Subject has nothing to do with anything. Just a thought.

I don't know if I mentioned it...but I was going to dinner tonight with Mr. Lynn and his wife. He was my English teacher last year, who I absolutely adored. I went to his wedding too. So during School Chest (our mega-school fundraiser for a chosen charity...this year we raised over $60,000 in our school of 1400 kids), they had Teacher Auctions. The teachers put something up, and Mr. Lynn's was dinner with his wife at their house. It was a flat rate where anyone who paid $20 got to go. So it was me and seven other students. It was wonderful. His wife, Jenn, makes fabulous lasagna. Like, better than I've had in most restaurants. And it was just a lot of fun. After dinner, a lot of people left (it had already been over two hours), but Steph, I, and another girl Sarah stayed. For a couple hours, it was just the five of us talking and was so much fun. Random conversations and stories...it was fantastic. I absolutely adore his wife. She's the sweetest women, and so funny. Very intelligent too. I like to think of teachers as humans just like the rest of us, and think that more should make an effort to act as such. Connect with their classes and so on. Mr. Lynn did it a lot, and my current English teacher does it too. I think that's one of the reasons I want to be an English teacher is because I've had such great models that engaged me thoroughly. I don't know any of my other teachers half as well.

But yes. It was a good night. And I still haven't started any homework. *sighs* I'll study US History, then I'm going to bed.
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In other news....

I didn't see the closing ceremonies (though I'm sure they are on right now). I also missed NSYNC's concert part yesterday. I didn't watch any of the Olympics...and I'm usually Olympics Goddess. Watch anything and everything.

There was a second thought...I swear...Damn.

Oh right. It's BEAUTIFUL weather out. 51 degrees. I don't even need a coat! And it's 9:30 at night! In February!! Take that, damn groundhog. Bitch.
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As stupid as it may be...

I have decided that the best use of my time right now is sleep. Especially since I have another headache. But this means that I will have to rely on studying tomorrow morning. And my Calculus and French homework probably won't get done. Yikes. This could be bad.

But sleep sounds so good...and my bed is so comfy...and soft...and warm...and mmmmmmm....sleep....
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