February 21st, 2002


She says "I know it's only in my head"...

I love Counting Crows. I think I could listen to "Round Here" everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.

In other news, today was FUCKED UP. I had a horrible time getting out of bed this morning (I know, I know...when don't I?) but I was unusually cheerful. I was very smiley and bouncy and happy.

Then 5th period hit. It's chorus. I love chorus, but all of a sudden I got REALLY tired, and actually fell asleep. If you think you can't fall asleep while singing, you are mistaken. I was just so out of it.

And then I just felt like shit after class, and went to Theatre. Obviously I must have looked pretty bad because Zach (touchy-feely gay boy who sits next to me) asked what was wrong, and Carl (teacher) even asked if everything was alright...twice. Then I got a dean's slip. Great. My first trip to the dean's office. It was nothing though, I had an unauthorized absence in gym...but it was the day we registered for classes, so I just have to talk to the teacher and get it cleared up.

French wasn't much better, and then I took a test in Calculus. It could have been worse, but I was so far beyond concentration, that I don't think I did well at all. 9th I had free, but I didn't want to go to the library, because I wouldn't get any work done because I'd be sitting and talking to Nikki. So I decided to go to the Multi-variable Calculus class. It's taught by my Calc teacher, and only has 3 people in it on Tuesdays and Thursdays (it's a REALLY fucked up schedule), and a good friend of mine, JC is in the class. So I sat and half-watched, half-did my Calculus homework. It's really amazing how intelligent they are. Granted, they are (supposedly) at the same level I am, but I could never think like they do. My brain wasn't made for advanced math, and yet I'm in it anyway. Geometry in eighth grade totally screwed me over.

Then I had rehearsal, and for whatever reason, I felt better after Multi-variable. I'm still pretty eh, but whatever. I'm picking up my LA pictures from Walgreens tonight!! if I can get money from my parents because I'm *cough* broke

I'm hungry, I'm going to see what's for dinner.

(EDIT: Show opens in two weeks...tech starts next week. I don't want to be at school until 9 *whines*
I also don't want to do homework...like at all.
And I want to be back in LA. Hmm...how many times have I said that? It's 28 fucking degrees and snowing. I hate snow.
Okay, Now I'm done.)

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English yadda yadda yadda...

There is nothing greater than writing something and thinking "Yeah. Exactly." I guess that's why English is my forte.

I was going to cut away...but it's not that long. You can suffer *smile*

(Another response to "American Things" by Tony Kushner)
Prompt: In what way does this essay say something about America's character and/or values? Use at least one direct quote from the essay to help you explain your answer here.

I feel that a quote that really says something about American values and character is: "American history is the source for some people of a belief in the inevitable triumph of justice; for others it is the source of a sense of absolute power and ownership which obviates the need to be concerned about justice; while for still others American history is a source of despair that anything like justice will ever come." I honestly believe that this embodies "America". It reminds me a lot of a question posed in US History: "What is an American?" What color skin does an American have? What language does an American speak? What religious beliefs does an American hold...if any? Where was this American born? And his parents? Grandparents? Great-grandparents? It's impossible to pick one answer to any of these questions and expect it to determine an "American". Thought perhaps not as sing-songy and wonderful as Schoolhouse Rock makes it out to be, we are truly a melting pot of cultures and ideas. In our society, it is assumed and almost expected that everyone will have different beliefs and views. As the quote illustrates, we are all different and so are our ideas of "America", but one this is for sure...we are all Americans.
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California dreamin' on such a winter's day...

I got my LA pictures back!!! WOO!!! 124, but that's not including half the roll that's in my camera currently. Yay!!

It's so fun to look back through them and remember it all. Granted, this was less that a week ago (as a matter of fact, one week ago exactly, I was at the hotel, sitting in our tent for dinner, after having showered and gotten ready for the Roxy which we would leave for in about 45 minutes. *sighs* I want to be back!!!

I'm going to need a bunch of scrapbook pages. I'm thinking of doing them all. Yikes. That's a lot of time and energy, but I don't think just picking a couple and making 4 pages would be enough. I want everything with captions, or...I don't know. Just decorated and pretty and better that if they are just shoved in the sleeves of a photo album. Although I got doubles, so maybe I'll put half in the stinky photo album, and the other half (minus ones that other people steal) will be scrapbooked. Or I could be selfish and keep them all for myself and have it half and half. [NOTE: Yes, scrapbook is a verb, and therefore, I have scrapbooked is a valid statement. Y? Because I said so (and because I like you) *smiles*]

*sighs* So much trouble. *smiles* But I'm excited.

Also, despite the picture interference and my trying to slack off, I still have accomplished finishing half of my homework. Damn my work ethic!
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So I'm sitting here...(sittin' here)...wow...oops

"Gone" dance break, everybody. *does a little groove thing*


I'm sitting here, thinking to myself, damn I wish I would get some mail. An LJ comment, or something. Then *poof* Mail! Not an LJ comment, but better. Allie (best friend) emailed me back.

I sent her an email about 2 and a half weeks ago, to which she replied. Then I sent another one, implying that she never checks her mail, but that we should email more often (not like I don't see her everyday...but you know?) So she wrote back saying that she resented the implication that she never checks her mail and that it only took her two days. *laughs*

Last time, I had written a bunch of college stuff, and she replied.

And I realize that you really don't care, so I'm going to go back to Hunchback of Notre Dame (en francais, bien sur).

But I got an email *smiles*
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*pulls little chain* Click!

So, I'm a geek, but I just figured this out and think it's damn cool.

Adverb: an ADjective acting as a VERB (or relating to the verb as opposed to the noun).

Soft (adjective): The soft bunny was sleeping. [The bunny was soft]
Softly (adverb): I pet the bunny softly. [The pet was soft]

Happy (adjective): The happy boy grinned. [The boy was happy]
Happily (adverb): The boy smiled happily. [The smile was happy]

Shut up, I'm working on my grammar skills. Bleh to you all.
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I'm the Spam Goddess this evening

I ADORE Alanis' new songs. I downloaded a bunch off her new CD, and love them. Currently listening to "Flinch". It's great. I think this album will be her best yet.

Jagged Little Pill was good. Very good, but it was also a first attempt (well, except all those early Canadian albums). Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie was strange, but had some good song. Nothing compared to the the former album.

I think Under Rug Swept will be amazing. I already love everything I've heard. Hands Clean, 12 Things, Flinch, Precious Illusions...they are all so good! Must buy CD! It comes out next Tuesday, correct?
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