February 19th, 2002


The test will begin after a five second countdown, on the word "start"...

For whatever reason, I have the Pacer test thing running through my head.
"The test will begin after 30 seconds, line up at the start. Remember to run in a straight line and to run as long as possible. If you stop running, your test is over. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute when you hear the triple bleep. The test will begin after a five second countdown on the word "start". Ready? 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Start."

*shrugs* I don't know where it came from.

In other news. It's another one of those "could go either way" days. I'm not really upset about anything, but I'm not overly happy either. A couple of good things though:

1. I got an email from Lindsay. University of Michigan has midterms this week, so she's taking the train home on Saturday. Because that's Turnabout and I'm dateless (boo frickin' hoo...I hate school dances with a passion), I am planning on having dinner and watching a movie with her at her house. Yay!

2. My history project? Well, I got my part done. The other two people in my group did not. And when we went to talk to Mr. Huff he said "Everyone makes mistakes, so I will let you turn it in tomorrow without penalty. But I'm taking note of this and this is your only free-be." A very surprising Yay! Makes me feel about this sad for calling him Mr. ImAnAsshole...then I get over it and realize that I still hate the class.

3. Mommy asked this morning about the trip (she did last night too), and I guess I mentioned that I really liked the UCLA campus (it's gorgeous!!!). And she asked if being that far away for school would be something I'd want to do, knowing that I couldn't come home whenever I wanted. I said that it would take sometime to get used to, but that I could probably handle it. YAY! First hint toward letting me go out of state...EVER! *sighs* I don't know where I want to go yet. I should really take the ACT. Eeep!

Okay, I'm going to get started on the tons of homework that I have from today, and all the weekend stuff that I didn't get around to.
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Target is god

Guess what I bought!!!!!! Dirty Dancing!!! on DVD!!!! for $10!!!!!!!!!!!!

I adore this movie. I was obsessed with it at one point. Like literally OBSESSED. I watched it at least once a day, and no less than three times on a Saturday or Sunday. That's at least 11 times a week. And this went on for a good two to three weeks.

I blame VH1 and their damn "Movies That Rock" because they played it over and over, and I taped it, then watched my tape of it over and over. It was bad. I could quote the entire movie. I still can if I'm watching it.

*grins* I now own it on DVD...for $10!!! $10.10 with tax to be exact. I love Target.
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