February 18th, 2002


*smiles* Um...yay.

I'm home. And I was going to start the mother of all entries and tell all about:
-Getting up and ready
-O'Hare and the flight out
-Santa Monica Pier (My first trip to the Ocean!!)
-Chadwick School
-Seeing Sacrilicious (a band) at the Roxy
[That was all the first day. We were up for 22 hours straight.]
-Sony Studios Tour (seeing Oded Fehr????)
-Hollywood Boulevard, the Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame
-USC and seeing the acapella group
-Dinner and the singing Italian Man
-The Lion King (AMAZING!!!)
[End Day Two...another full day]
-Disneyland (I saw Tigger beat up Pooh backstage)
[Sure, it doesn't seem like a lot for a whole day...]
-Sightseeing UCLA
-Shopping at the Mall (I found some awesome shops)
-LAX and the flight home

And those are just the big chronological things. Not mentioning all the little fun details. *sighs* I know there will be things I forget. And that makes me sad because it's a once in a lifetime thing and I don't want to ever forget a minute of it.

It was definitely a jam-packed weekend of fun. It was so great. And I love California. LA is so completely different than Chicago. And not just the weather and palm trees (Yes, there were palm trees EVERYWHERE.) It just has a totally different feel. Very flat and spread out. I can't even put my finger on it...I guess it was more relaxed. The "City of Big Shoulders" is a bustling metropolis indeed.

But I'm really tired. So big entry is going to have to wait, and I'm still skimming my way through my friends list. I started reading, now I'm skimming. Might give up soon. Eeep.

But I had a fantastic time. I wish I never had to come home. I miss LA. *sniffles*

[EDIT (12:53am 02/18/02):
One, skip=225. That is all.
Two, everything in LA can be connected to Pretty Woman. Or at least I can.
Three, I adore Chicago. Absolutely and completely. I have a great amount of city-pride and don't hesistate to say that I think it's the best city in the world. I can imagine myself living in this area for the rest of my life. But California and LA were nice. Beautiful. I could also imagine myself having a summer home and living there for 3 months and sporatic weeks throughout the year.]
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Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy....

*stretch* I'm awake. And bouncy. Whee!

I want to see Crossroads today REALLY badly, but Allie said she has "homework to do". Bah. Actually, I have a crap load I should be doing too...but I REALLY don't want to.

OOOO! I should drop off my film!!! But no where in Deerfield, because it would be busy. 225 kids just came back from a 4 day trip to LA. I pity Walgreens.

Grrrr...just got an email from my mother. Actually a forwarded message from my cousin Annette (the one we visit in Florida): I'm sure Gail's trip is/was great. I hope she took lots of pictures. Maybe she should get Fayanne to organize them for her..she's so good at those things.

Have you not seen my scrapbook???? I'm amazing. I might not have the same amount of time that Fayanne has to spend on things like that, because I'm at school for 10 and a half hours. Then I come home to 7 hours of homework...leaving me about 6 hours to sleep. I guess I could not sleep and have more time for organizing photos. How's that???

Evil. All of them.

I'm hungry. So I'm going to make an early lunch. *sighs* It's 9am in LA.
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So much for being productive today...

President's Day is a great holiday. *nods* But I have done nothing all day. Emailed some people. Ate lunch. Listened to some music. Downloaded some music. Unpacked.

Other than that? Nada. Rien. Nothing. Whoops.

I'm planning to start my English and History homework soon. Eww...history. I hate Mr. Huff. And I don't use the word "hate" very often because I think it's extremely strong. But if he were to fall of the face of the Earth and I never had to see him again, I wouldn't miss a thing. Not only is he a bad teacher, but he is a total bastard. Arg.

But yes...this is me trying to work. *rolls eyes* We'll see how it goes.

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Please Excuse the Epiphany

It's already half-way through February. It feels like yesterday could have been the middle of December. Sure, if I sit down and really think about it I remember there being a January (a long January, no less), but seriously. I was looking at my blinking Christmas lights in my room and realized that they have been up for two months already. They still feel brand new.

I'm hungry. I didn't really eat lunch. And Me First and the Gimme Gimmes rock! I had 48 songs, but I deleted some and am down to 43. *giggles* They are just fun. Who else covers musicals like Evita, Fame, and Cabaret as well as artists like Elton John, John Denver and Cyndi Lauper...and makes them punk rock? Yeah, that's what I thought.
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Concentration is key...

Now if I could only remember where I put that key...

I'm reading English essays...which wouldn't be so bad if, ya know, it weren't about compression lumber. *sticks out tongue* I'm getting the deeper meanings behind it, yes, but the crap in the foreground should just go away.

*sighs* Back to work. Shit, it's almost 5 already??
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Okay. I know this song. I think I've sung this song before. Now what the hell is it?

"Kiss today goodbye, the secrets and the sorrow
We did what we had to do,
And I can't regret what I did for love,
What I did for love"

(Woo! I get to use the confused icon. *laughs*)
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Well...I've done half of my english homework, and about a quarter of my US History. I'm going to get started on Calculus before going over to Cici's for "dinner". I already ate. Well, sort of. Mommy picked up these meatballs and mashed potato things from the grocery store. Um...ew. They weren't very good.

But I can always have dessert at Ci's, and I need to get out of the house. So yes. I'm gone...right after Calculus.
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Some where between happy and suckitude...

I just got back from Cici's. I was planning on leaving around 10, but apparently I read the clock wrong and left at 9:10 instead. The way I figure it, I have a full hour to screw around. *nods* A true slacker philosophy.

I had fun though. Cici makes really good baked mostaccoli, and the frozen garlic bread things are god. And she was playing The Sims: Hot Date. Sim!JC and Sim!Chris are so fun! And I got to see the kitties. Miss Rose is beautiful as always, and JC is getting huge. He's still a runt and is probably no longer than my foot, but considering how tiny he was at 4 weeks old, he's gigantic.

So that was the good.

The bad is my homework situation. I'm thinking that I'll try to get about half of the Calculus done, and finish that and English tomorrow during Early Bird and first.

History and French is a whole new can of worms. For French I need to have read the first 3 chapters of Hunchback of Notre Dame (in French, bien sur (of course)) and answer questions that she gave us with the copy of the book we were supposed to get at the school bookstore. Ha. I haven't even bought it yet, let alone read it. I'm thinking monkeynotes.com will come in handy for The Jungle and Hunchback, just to get the gist of it so I'm not completely lost.

Other than The Jungle reading though...I have a project due for History tomorrow. As far as I know, the rest of my group hasn't started it either. We broke it up into three parts so that we wouldn't have to get together (since me and one of the other members were going to be in LA). However, Mr. Imanasshole looks for perfection in everything, and even grades on how well you can draw.

Remember how I was really liking history last semester? For the first time in my life, I enjoyed sitting through that class? Remember how I adored my teacher because he was an amazing person, and a fantastic teacher? Yeah, well I know hate history thanks to this new guy. He's a horrible teacher and frankly, a horrible person. Like, he's downright mean and doesn't care about us learning, he cares about us working to get grades. Um...No. Give me back my Heerman!!!

*sighs* I should get to work though. I can't let my fucking grades slip anymore.
Dammit, I didn't want to do this:
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