February 7th, 2002


I tried to stay away. Honestly, I did

Hmm. I'm bored. INCREDIBLY bored. Still happy that I'm not sitting in physics right now, but I have nothing to do. I'm thinking that I might start using this wasted time to read...like actual books! I haven't read a book because I wanted to in forever. It will be quite the new experience.

The space bar on this keyboard sucks. Arg!

I'm so whiny this morning. I got a good amount of sleep, I was in bed before midnight. But that's still only 7 hours, and I'm still exhausted. *sighs*

Well. I'm off to read my friend's page, then maybe the period will end. I wish you all a good day.
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Oh yeah...it's all coming together...

*grins* Icon post. But in disguise, because I have other business to address also.

One, the new icon was inspired by a ten-minute conversation I had with a friend of mine, Zoe. 10 minutes of Brad. Mostly revolving around Snatch and Thelma and Louise. Am now fully prepared to go home and watch Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon hitting the road in the ultimate of chick flicks.

Zoe and I will also be seeing Ocean's Eleven (the second time for each of us) this weekend. He's just so hot in it. And I really didn't like him in other movies. The hair in Legends of the Fall and Interview with the Vampire? Eh. I prefer it short and blond. Yummy boy.

Next point: "Gee Gail, that icon looks pretty good. Surely you couldn't have done that on your computer." *laughs* Of course not, silly. I am at Cici's apartment.

That's interesting, because my car is in the shop, right? Well...not so much. Apparently they couldn't find anything wrong with it, so after school, my dad took me to go pick it up. And since that is less than 5 minutes from Ci's, I decided to invite myself over (what else is new?).

Nothing wrong, eh? I'm not crazy. Both my brother and father said that it wouldn't shift out of first. Because it couldn't. *shrugs* It's working now...and they WASHED IT!!! So I guess all is not lost. $138 later....

Final order of business: I need to buy the book The Jungle for my history homework tonight. Hmm...Barnes and Nobel in Deerfield was sold out. Yuck. But...because I'm at Ci's, I'm close to Vernon Hills. I think I will go there. And while I'm there, perhaps I will pick up a book to read at school during 1st period.

Okay. I'm going to get going. I'll post from home later. Let's see how many different computers Gail can use in one day...
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Well, as slippery as your mind is, you should have been first in line

I love The Lion King.

Anywho...there were some things I forgot. And why edit old posts when you can just make new ones?

First, my car had to be taken into the repair shop by tow truck last night. TOW TRUCK. My poor Baby, had to be hauled onto a truck with cables and stuff. *sniffs* It was really sad.

Two, JC is the skinniest, most lanky kitten ever. And we thought Tigger had long legs, JC is HUGE! and I'm pretty sure I could still fit his entire head in my mouth if I tried.

Last night, I went to Best Buy with Ci and bought John Mayer's CD. WOO! and...That Thing You Do on DVD. SOOOOO necessary. It's the greatest ever. *nods* It was a good shopping night.

Okay, out to battle with the crowds at the mall on a Thursday night. Later folks. Oooo...must be home for Will and Grace. It's supposed to be good. Ben and Matt, n'est pas? I was soooo in the mood for a good Matt Damon movie last night. And Ben is my lover. *nods* Hey, don't laugh. He might be...
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*raises hand* I'll take some more spam please.

Can I update more tonight? *laughs* Whoops.

Went to Barnes & Noble. If I had more money, I would have gone crazy, but I got out with only 3 books. (It also helped that I remember I had 3 books at home I was still meaning to read).

Bought The Jungle. Yay for meat packing companies in Chicago during the industrial revolution? Yeah, not so much.

Also got A Walk to Remember and The Heidi Chronicals.

Still meaning to read: Devine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood (I'm actually half-way though this...and have been since *cough*freshmanyear*cough* But it's fabulous), Women Hollering Creek (By Sandra Cisnaros who wrote The House on Mango Street which I ADORE and HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone), and Girl, Interupted. I've read that one once, but loved it.

And I made myself some chicken rice for dinner. So me, my rice, and The Jungle are going to have a little pow-wow before Will and Grace comes on. Exciting night, n'est pas? It's the little things in life...really, it is.
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Matt Damon should play a gay man more often. (Or rather, a straight man pretending to be gay)


And Brad was hot on Friends.
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