February 1st, 2002




The final that I'm supposed to be in started 6 minutes ago. My fucking car wouldn't start. My fucking car wouldn't fucking start so I could fucking get to my fucking french final and I am so fucking pissed off and so fucking upset right now that I have almost gotten to the point of fucking making myself fucking physically sick.

How do you like them apples?

I spent ten minutes frantically calling EVERYONE I knew. And their parents (or respective homes). I got a hold of ONE person. One fucking person actually answered their fucking phone. And it was Candace's dad.

Fuck. We all have fucking cell phones because with live in a fucking community that feels that every man, woman and child should have one...AND NO ONE TURNS THEM THE FUCK ON!!!

So I come back inside from the freezing cold where I have been trying to get the fucking engine to turn while dialing every number I can in my cell. It's 12:15 and there would be no way that I could get there even if I got a hold of someone. So I call mommy at work, just to tell her. She's on her lunch break, so I talk to her voice mail and basically breakdown. I don't know if she'll be able to hear what I was saying, I was crying so hard.

So at 12:20 when the final is supposed to begin, Allie calls me from there, wondering where I am. I say, probably a little to angrily "I'm at home because my fucking car won't start. And I tried to call everyone, and none of you had your phones on." She tells me there is a make-up at 2:20. I say that I have rehearsal, and might not even make it to that.

So she gives the phone to Madame, who is by far the most wonderful woman in the world. After I tell her what I told Allie (a little nicer and without the swearing), she tells me that it's alright and that she'll call me later. As she's hanging up, I hear her say "Poor thing", because I was crying and gasping for breath the whole time.

I think the thing that makes me the most upset, is that it shouldn't. It's a fucking French final. And I'll be able to make it up, at that. And it's only a car. A fucking piece of shit car that I hate with all of my being right now, but never the less, it's just a car. And these things happen. Everyday.

So why do I feel like I'm going to be sick?
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*sighs* I should really learn how to calm down.

Everything turned out fine.

Allie drove me to school after she got done taking the French final (so much love!). I got there at about 1:50, ten minutes before rehearsal, half hour before the make-up final.

Carl said that of course I could take the final, and that I should just leave when I needed to and come back when I was done. So I did. And I didn't even miss anything that I was in. Rehearsal went fine, and though we ended early around 5, I needed to go see our costumer about my costume. Which I now have one of. It's a fugly dress, but the shoes aren't too bad.

By the time I got done with that, it was 5:50. Perfect, because my dad was able to come right after grocery shopping to pick me up.

Apparently the problem with the car was the choke sticking. It's fixed. I asked if it would happen again. He said maybe, and that he would spray some stuff on it so that it wouldn't.

So I took the final.
I went to rehearsal.
And my car is fixed (with no help from those damn Puppies. They have no idea what they are doing! *laughs* As a side note, I love mercgirl57)

Yay. I overreact to stuff. I'm a moron. *sighs* I'll work on that.
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On a major Alanis kick...

Whenever I hear "Hands Clean" on the radio, I crank it up. I don't know why, but I ADORE this song...they should play it more.

And then today I downloaded a bunch of her new songs from Rachael, because she's awesome and posted them. Thanks!!

And I was just thinking about how I haven't listened to Jagged Little Pill in FOREVER, and remembered what great songs there are...like Mary Jane, Perfect, Ironic, and well...the entire CD is fabulous. And I've had that secret song stuck in my head for the past week. (I mentioned that earlier, like Monday or something...how I was so sick that I couldn't sing along with it *pouts*)

So now I'm off to download Mary Jane, Perfect, and probably every other song that I can get my hands on. Audiogalaxy is dangerous. All I have to do is click the little satellight and it turns green, and I get all happy, and my modem activity light starts flashing like crazy, and in about a minute *POOF* New song!!

Yay. My impression of me on Audiogalaxy.

"OOOO! I love that song. *click* And that one! *click* And those!! *click click click click...scroll...*click click click click...next page...click click click click click click click*"

You get the picture. Woo for music!

AND! I heard the John Mayer song on the radio coming home from picking up Chinese! I love John Mayer. DOWNLOAD HIM NOW!!
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