January 31st, 2002


*bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy*

And yes, that was me being Sarah from Hocus Pocus.

*GRINS* Guess who doesn't have finals today?

So a week ago, it was 57 degrees out. Beautiful weather. No coat needed. Then yesterday at 4PM, is started to snow and *WAM* a foot is on the ground and school is closed. Gotta love Chicago.

*bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy*

The really good part was that I never did get around to studying French yesterday. So now I can do it today. This makes me a happy Gail. *sighs*

So I'm hungry...gonna go make lunch. Then veg some more. Yay.

OH!! And Cici!!!
With the final being rescheduled, I'm going to be in school from about 12:00 until about 1:45. And I was supposed to have rehearsal today, so I assume that's going to be pushed over *frowns* It would have been from 4 until 6.
January's totally suck. I'll email or post or call you if I get a definite on this. Maybe we can make mom take the kids on Saturday? *sighs* No, probably not. *kicks the month of January*

And another note. A very happy birthday to a probably very happy 21 year old Justin. Hopefully he won't get too smashed. Not that that you know, he hasn't been drunk before...
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I wasn't going to take the quiz, because I said to myself "I'm going to end up being Hackers and will laugh because that was such a bad movie."

And I didn't even pick Acid Burn as my nickname! I didn't fix it whatsoever...I was honest about the hair too.

"Crash and Burn. How cute?" AHAHAHAHA! That's such a bad movie.

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I'm bored, spammy and very hyper...lock up your children...

I'm posting because I really like this icon. Eh, it's a little juvenile, but it's just cute...and I really like the colors. So girly!

And I'm bored. I'm eating chicken rice for lunch. *nods* You care, you know you do.

Cici is a loser. *nods* She posted and said she would call me if she hadn't heard from me first RIGHT AFTER I posted and told her what was going on. Silly kitty....

*bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy*

Is it summer yet? I never want school again!!
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HELP ME!!! *ping*

Okay, this is regarding NSYNC:

Does anyone know if there is a password I need for the internet pre-sale tickets? If so...what is it?

Anyone? Bueller?
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I'm a teenie today...don't mind me

Me: Oooo a Mandy Moore song. I'm such a teenie.
Cici: *laughs*
Me: Really though, I only like NSYNC, BBMak, Britney and Mandy.
Cici: Yeah, but it's expanding. That's the dangerous part.
Me: It is not!
Cici: Did you like them last year?
Me: *pause* No...
Cici: See?
Me: I have this under control, I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!!

By this time, we are both laughing really REALLY hard...
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Because I forgot!!!!

A certain sister of mine *COUGH*CICI*COUGH* was downloading OTown songs.

*shakes head* I'm loosing her to the dark side...
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My Snow Day is almost over. But I don't have a final until 12:20 tomorrow, so I'm staying up late!! Whee!!

Anywho, I'm studied (WHOA! I know!! I studied!!) and showered (another whoa...I was starting to smell...for the last two days I've been hanging out in my pajamas. *grins* Personal hygiene means nothing to me...*laughs*)

And now I'm ready for some milling about online. No email. *pouts* But oh well...I can find something to occupy my time. Download some songs, read some slash, it's all good.
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