January 27th, 2002



Don't ask about the subject line...I honestly don't know.

I'm feeling better than yesterday. Still sick, but not horrible miserable and upset. Which is good. But now I have to do my History final preparation. 130 terms - defined with who, what, where, when, and whys. Eww. That'll probably take me all day.

And some where in there I have to find time to go to my cousin's birthday party. And study for my Calculus final that is also tomorrow, and do the Essay Prep for my English final on Tuesday.


I'm hungry...and then I swear I'm getting to work. *sigh*
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Quick Update, then work...I promise!

One, Peanut Butter makes the work go round.

Two, I still wish Peanut butter tasted better with orange juice.

Three, Strawberry Jelly might be the same color as ketchup, but don't try a PB&J dipped in it. (Note: I did NOT try this, but was really tempted. Yup, definitely sick.)

Four, my new obsession: Ruffles Potato Chips with ketchup. So good.
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Too soon to be breaking? Nah...

I've worked for a good 30 minutes...I deserve this.

Anyway, you know what I was thinking? Thank god I live in a country that is only 225 years old. I mean...can you imagine a history course in China that might go all the way back to 1000 BC? Or even England or France. They aren't as old, but damn if they haven't had a hell of a history. In perspective, US History is the best ever.

Also: The Saved By The Bell theme just came on and for whatever reason, I thought about the episode where Screech (sp?) gives up the vale victorian honor to Jessie because he knew how much she wanted it. Awwww! *grins* I miss that show.
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Um....another break?

So I made a list of the 130+ words I need to define. And have done 20 of them. Blah, this is taking so long.

But I think I deserve a break, so I'm taking one.

And using a computer is far to distracting. Hee hee.

Am now equipped with Pepsi (which I am chugging like none other. Will get another one soon) and crackers to pass the time. I'm thinking that at 5 I will stop and shower and go up to Steph's party. Stay for a little less than an hour and get home by 7:30. *sighs* This is going to keep me up late. And I still have to study Calculus. Calculus can die, and so can all of Newton's theories. Bastard.
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Rabbit Season. Duck Season. Rabbit Season. Teenie Season!!


I'm in a VERY squeeish mood. And I...uh...may or may not have just ravished audiogalaxy of all that is good and holy. I may or may not have downloaded in the upwards of about 50 songs by...um...
*cough*bbmakmandymooreandbritneyspears*cough* I may also have, uh, downloaded"Riddle"acoupledaysago.


Yeah, I think it's about time I get back to work, before my mind becomes more diluted. But I have a bunch of new songs. Hee hee.

(For the record, I also downloaded some Gray Daze, and a couple 80s songs. I'm so weird)
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I made it 4 and a half hours this time...don't start with me!

I'm definitely on the downhill stretch. And I'm just about to fall asleep.

6 pages. Single spaces. 1" margins. 12 point font. Times New Roman. And that's only 79 of the 130.

50 left. *bangs head on desk....repeatedly*

I still want Newton and his ideas to die. And now I think I'd like James K. Polk dead too. Him and his damn expansion westward. Who needs Texas or California, or anything else west of the Mississippi...that would be SO MUCH EASIER!

Also, my back hurts. I can't stand sitting here, hovering over this god damned book any longer! But I have too...*whines*

Okay, I'm going back now. I'm small because I'm sad. I don't want to work anymore. Blah.
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*sigh* Yet another break...

I've been working on this for 10 hours. 10. and I feel like I have gotten no where. In all actuality I'm about 4/5 done. A little less than that.


Mommy said that she wasn't going into work tomorrow until she was sure I had gotten up for my final. And she cut me up and apple because I hadn't eaten dinner.

I don't know ... what my thoughts are on that, or why I shared that.

I'm going back to work now. And my throat hurts like a bitch.
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