January 23rd, 2002


My family is crazy...

A little background: My cousin, Annette, who lives in Florida (the one I visit every year at Thanksgiving) has a fish named Chicken Pox. It's apparently not doing well, and she sent a mock email blaming my cousin Stephanie and I of doing something to it.

Something to note: The fish (Chicken Pox) is a beta and has this evil "raptor face" where it's fins or whatever around it's head pop out to look like the think from Jurassic Park. If you put your hands on your cheeks and mock it, it will make the raptor face. Steph and I enjoyed mocking the poor thing.

This is humorous. It's a little odd, but give me a break, alright. I just sent this in an email to my mom (who will forward it to every family member, no matter how little they care about the situation) and Annette.

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I feel like dancing...all night long!!

Wheeee!!! This day could not get better (unless, of course, I hadn't got back a physics test. 64%. WITH THE CURVE. Bah, I'm dropping the class...I don't give a rat's ass...)

So yes. I was awoken this morning at 6:30. Sleepily, I lay in bed for a mere 10 minutes before getting up. (Impressive because it's been taking me 20-30 *whoops* Mommy only gives me 30 minutes anyway. We are late....a lot.)

I was bouncy. A little sad and out of it, but bouncy none the less. Why? Because I knew. I knew deep down that I would not need to get up this early again. Not for the rest of the year. Early bird is over, my friends, and I can't tell your how happy that makes me.

[EDIT NOTE: (because I realized this is kind of vital) - Carl is our theatre teacher and director. Great guy, so much fun. Okay, continue with the story...and get excited for me!!!!!]

Candace and Nikki are at our lockers before 4th period (after I had gotten back my test, and the morning was a little blah. I was a snarky bitch in fact, but I'm a funny snarky. You should have seen me in English. >;) *hee hee*)

Nikki says: "Oh, congratulations on that senior teaching thing."
My heart skips a beat...Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I say: "What?"
Candace: "Oh you didn't see? You are going to be a senior teacher in Theatre next year."
I starting flipping out!!! I was like: "OH MY GOD! Are you joking?? AHHHH! I'm so happy!!!"

I didn't want to get my hopes up, but I wanted this sooooooo bad. We had to apply and everything, and I felt really good about my application, and I know that Carl loves me, but I wasn't sure, you know? BUT!! I MADE IT!

What this means: *laughs* I'm so excited, I forgot to explain...
Senior Teachers help to lead the lower level classes. There are Theatre 1,2 3,4 5,6 & 7,8 classes. I'm in 3,4 this year, because I didn't take Theatre my freshman year (Which is one of only two regrets I have in life. That and not learning to play the piano. I try not to have regrets). And the Seniors are responsible for leading Game Days (which we get after every completed assignment). And they help Carl to take attendance, or to demonstrate or to help kids with their scenes.


Have I mentioned that I'm really excited? Oh, okay. Well, I am. *smiles*

So that totally made my day. And even if Caitlin pissed me off AGAIN today, I'm fine with it. Because I had a good day.

And we had rehearsal after school for Sound of Music. Yay. I love rehearsal, but I hate big casts. Unfortunately, I don't get to go to any small rehearsals because I'm in ensemble. (Well, I did go to one just for the fun of it. I adore rehearsal!) But we learned our blocking for the party scene. Nothing difficult. Just some movement here and there. And we sing "Goodbye" at the end of "So Long, Farewell" when the children exit.

BUT THEN! Half way through the rehearsal it came out that a certain character had no wife. She's not important to the story, but is a trophy in the party scene and says "Shhhh!" or something. I don't know. One of the AD's said (overly willingly) "I'll do it". Bad AD. Not your job. If you are going to get a part, it's Carl's decision and on a last resort. *grins* We pass by the part of the scene and at the end, everyone is dismissed. As I'm packing up my stuff, I hear Carl yell "Gail!"
I obediently respond: "Yes?"
Carl: "Will you be David's [actor's name] wife in this scene?"
Me: "Sure."
Carl [to David]: "There you have it. Problem solved."

Yippy, I have a part! *laughs* Nothing big, but I think instead of mingling with masses, I stay with David, and two other actors, Gavin and Annie. I'm special. *grins*

And I SOOOOOOO knew when it came up, and when the AD "graciously" volunteered herself, that I was going to get it. I just *KNEW*. I'm scary like that sometimes. Especially with Carl. Definitely gives off psychic waves, or something *laughs*.

But yes. So I had a good day. *grins*

[ANOTHER EDIT NOTE: I used a lot of exclaimation points. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!]
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Me and Thoreau....two peas in a pod

*laughs* I swear, this is not me slacking...this is me working on getting ideas for my English Essay that's due on Friday. Being the brilliant child that I am, I read through some of my writings I did on Walden in class and for homework to get an idea for a topic of my paper.

In case I haven't mentioned it, I love to write. Very rarely do I get time, so I usually take advantage of in class or academic essays to express my thoughts and ideas. This is probably why I prefer informal pieces to formal essays.

That fish story I posted last night? Obviously not a great work, I banged it out in about 10 minutes and didn't even proof-read before sending it to the masses (aka, family). But I got to write!! Whee!

Anywho, these are some passages from writings I did about Thoreau or Walden. They struck me in whatever way and I like them, so I figured I'd share.
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