January 20th, 2002


A couple things before I shower....

One, I um...need to get a tape for...uh...Mandy Moore. Because she's adorable. And, yes. I heard her Diary and MTV Greatest Moments were good, so I'm going to get a tape.

Two, NSYNC and Nickelback are going to be on Craig Kilborn on Tuesday night (technically it's past midnight, so it's Wednesday on the East coast). But yes. Two of my favorite bands on one show. Whee!

Three, I love Bree Sharp. Download "Fool's Gold", "Fallen Angel", "Faster, Faster" or "Walk Away". Make me happy. Do it now. She's fantastic.

Four, I'm being a slacker again today *hangs head* I'm seeing Beauty and the Beast on IMax with Cici and the kids. Then I'm probably going to dinner with Mommy and Dad, and my aunt Judy again.

I might start homework later. Fuck me. 10% of my entire History semester grade is dependent on the essay on Tuesday, and I have to prepare. Now why isn't that motivating me?
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    Afterschool Special - Blue Sky Roadster

Picking chunks of cookie dough from melting vanilla ice cream...

I'm babysitting for Zoe while Cici takes Mikey back to his dad's house. That means me. Sitting here. Eating her ice cream (hence the subject line) and petting the small kitten in my lap (hee hee...JC is a pretty kitten). Boring yes, but hey. At least I'm not doing my History final preparation *growls*

I just had one quick note. I like the Evan and Jaron song "The Distance". I would even go so far as to say that I love it. However, I love the album version. The beautiful and slow ballad that Evan wrote to his wife. The one that wretches your heart and brings a tear to your eye. I DO NOT like the version that they have released on the radio. The "popped up" version that would be more appealing to the demographic of listeners to Evan and Jaron stations (which I'm not really one of, unless they happen to be playing NSYNC). I'm so biased. *sigh*

Either way...I like pretty song about not being able to live without a person right besides you. I do not like the sorry attempt for record companies to make money.


I'm better now. *nods*

Now I'm going to take full advantage of the resources at hand (my sister's computer) to make pretty icons. Mmm...Brad Pitt in Ocean's 11...beautiful man. And I don't usually like him. At all. Though I still maintain that Snatch was better than Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Sorry...inside joke...)

Yes. Iconage time. Expect GIPs later, if I can bear to part with any of my pretties.
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    God Must Have....(yeah, you know the rest) - NSYNC