January 19th, 2002


Well this is not for real, afraid to feel...

*Lyric from "Wasting My Time" by Default.

Okay, so I mentioned before that today was weird. I guess it was more me. My thoughts were wandering places that I didn't expect...and they made me miss someone very much. *frowns*

But it was a Friday. And though my parents decided to be whore-asses (my new insult. Yay.) and not tell me that they wouldn't be picking me up from school...
Okay, so here's what my mother said, and I QUOTE: "Either dad or I will be here to pick you up at 3:30"
*nods* Okay. She wasn't. He wasn't. Called her cell, she was at work. A client was coming in and she couldn't leave work, so I just have to stay at school [NOTE: I was planning on coming back to school at 4 for Celebration of the Arts...though changed my mind and went at 5]

But she didn't fucking tell me that she wouldn't be here. So I call my dad, and he's on his way home from working downtown, and finally gets to school at 4:05. Thanks parents...I love you too.

But Celebration of the Arts was great. They had visual art set up all over, along with performing arts around in different locations. Watched some of my friends in Level 1 Voice and Level 1 Orchestra recitals. Saw a bit of a band. Got really hyper. The norm

Then we got to the amazing part. My theater teacher's sister is a fairly well-known cabaret singer in Chicago (EDIT: the city, not the musical). She came to perform a set, and was absolutely incredible. Extremely talented with a huge variety and range. I've been trying to find some songs online (because she has a CD out), but I can't. She especially likes folk, so if you are so inclined, you can try to look for her: Lisa Menninger. She was incredibly great.

The next awesome performance was our artist-in-residence Tania Richard. She also, is amazing. (You may know her from commercials and maybe some movies. I think the most nationwide one would be Progressive Insurance commercial. She's the cute black chick in overalls and frizzy black hair. She was also in the Chicago comedy and improv show/troupe Second City.) She wrote a book, and read/performed an excerpt from it. It was great. I hope she is able to publish it. Very humorous, and very Tania. We love her.

Then there was a huge Good Karma Cafe. Throughout the year, there are small versions of GKC, which is basically an open mic for songs, bands, poetry, anything. This time, it was held in the auditorium and was very varied. There is such immense talent in the students at my school, it is unbelievable. There was nothing that I listened to or saw and thought "Well that sucked." It was all great.

Over all, the night was a success. And I am exhausted. Although I have been since 10:30 this morning. *nods* It's bedtime. Night!!
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Cici (http://cicigreen.livejournal.com)....you love me so much right now.

I skipped back 220 on my friends list to find this link for you. Possible Tour Dates??

Okay. I'm awake. I will be showering. I need to go to Target. I've probably been convinced to go to Saturday crew, because I'm putting off my HUGE amount of homework and large projects that have all been decided to be due Tuesday. Can I just say that I love Martin Luther King Jr. for several reason, and some are extremely selfish...like no school on Monday? I'm evil, but it's right that we should honor him with a holiday.

Okay. Well, I should get ready, because I'm going to be busy. Later, folks!
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It's all fun and games until somebody GETS A BLISTER!!

So I wasn't going to go to crew today. Then I decided yesterday to go for a couple hours then come home. Then I decided at crew to go to lunch with everyone at Chili's. Then I said I wasn't going roller skating. I told them that I refused to go. Elliott said he would make me pay for his lunch if I didn't go. So I said I would go, but I wouldn't skate, and I would leave early. And then I got the skates. And then I was skating, and all of a sudden it was time to go home.

So instead of doing work all day, I had fun all day. Good, I guess, but I have no conviction or self-control. *sigh*

And I have a blister on my foot. Dammit, I didn't even want to skate. *pouts and tries not to smile*

Okay, so I did have a good time. And I would probably do it again.

AND!!! Mommy's gone crazy and said that she would watch the kids if cicigreen and I wanted to see a movie. WHEE!!!

Hmmm...what's out and good?
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Whee!! Movies are expensive, but fun *nods*

I'm going to go see Ocean's 11. Lots of hotties. (I'm so shallow!) In a movie about ???? (Vegas and gambling?)

Oh well. All I know is that it was a Rat Pack film, so it can't be overly serious, nor completely horrible.

But yay for movie. I was leaning toward this one because it's only 2 hours (unlike LOTR)...and I would most definitely fall asleep during a longer film. I'm tired. And have gotten no work done today. *sighs*

But I wrote a cool little reflection thing this morning. Half for English, but mostly for myself, because I don't think I will end up turning it in.
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In other news...

I really really really really want to get my eyebrow pierced.

This isn't a new thing, really, but lately has become a really strong urge. I wonder if mommy would let me...

...if not, I turn 18 in 9 months and 17 days. Yippy for being a legal adult...

EDIT NOTE: I used the word "really" WAY TOO MUCH! Okay, that is all.
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Oooo...it's almost Sunday.

Check that time...*sings* Someday I'll be Saturday Night! I'll be back on my feet, I'll be doing alright...

Wow, Bon Jovi. That's a classic.

Anywho...the movie was amazing. Very good...and the thing that made it so great...SHANE WEST WAS IN IT!! AS HIMSELF!! I love Shane. *melts*

But it was actually a really good movie anyway. I highly recommend Ocean's 11.

Also, I think I'm teething. Yes, that sounds funny...but are there, like 17-year molars or something? Wisdom teeth maybe? It doesn't really hurt or anything...it just feels like there's a tooth coming in back there.

I didn't get any work done today. *sighs* I blame it all on Elliott. *laughs in head but is too tired to actually laugh*

Yes. I'm tired now. So I'm getting some sleep. Night night all!
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