January 17th, 2002


"I drive really slow, in the ultra fast lane, while people behind me are going insane..."

Denis Leary is amazing, and so is the song "Asshole". I recommend downloading it.

"You know, you reall are an asshole"
"Why don't you just shut up and sing the song, Pal."

I'm home from school. Pretty okay day. We had to get course recommendations from teachers for next year's schedule. Huh? NEXT year?

It wasn't too bad...except that I want to take too many classes. And I've already accounted for not taking French. Oh well, it will all work out...somehow.

Yeah, that's basically it for now. I must allez now. Later, folks.
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Because I won't be able to concentrate on English until I update...

I think I'm addicted to Journal. *shrugs* Oh well. :o)

Okay, so I adore some of the songs I have on my playlist:
*The Atlantis Medley - NSYNC [I mean...GAH!!!]
*Fire and Rain - James Taylor [I loved it before the puppies sang it, so don't give me that crap...]
*Forever Young - NPuppies [and no, not all of these are NSYNC related...]
*Walls of Love - JC Chasez [...some are just JC *smiles*]
*Fool's Gold - Bree Sharp
*All My Friends - Counting Crows
*Asshole - Denis Leary
*Carry on My Wayward Son - Kansas
*Touch of Gray - Grateful Dead
*Comfortable - John Mayer
*My Hero - Foo Fighters
*Drift and Die - Puddle of Mudd
*Overcome - Live
*Crush (on You) - Mandy Moore
*Leader of Men - Nickelback
*My Love - Single
*Fortress - Sister Hazel
*Elvis - Sister Hazel
*The Only One - Tabitha's Secret
*Eyes Open Wide - Toad the Wet Sprocket
*Silo Lullaby - Toad the Wet Sprocket
*Vincent (Starry Night) - Vonda Sheppard

Okay, so much for "short" and "highlights". But I guess out of 554 songs, that wasn't too bad. I suggest downloading any of these.

Which brings me to my next point....
I squeeed SO LOUD coming home tonight.
John Mayer was on the radio!!!!
Okay, so this may not seem terribly exciting...and it's not like I know him. Or was an "original fan". But I knew about him before most. And "No Such Thing" is one of my favorite songs.
So that was exciting for me.

Once Single become big, then I can squee like that. Can I tell you how hard it is to be a fan of a "local band", when local is San Francisco and I live in Chicago? *sighs* Oh well. Eventually they will tour. But check out their website. There are about 4 song you can download. Very good. Also, they were formerly Blue Sky Roadster, and you might be able to download those songs from an mp3 site or buy the CD at Amazon.com. *grins* I should be on their Street Team.

Okay, time for English homework, then bed. TGIF tomorrow. Yippy!
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(no subject)

How fucking cool would it be to be on a cruise ship with Sister Hazel, Dexter Freebish, and a couple other bands over Labor Day 2002?

Yeah. That's what I thought too.

*sigh* I wanna go...

Cruise info here.
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