January 7th, 2002



So I wrote out a small entry. Depressing, with a small rant on my mother. Then LJ was down and it was just sitting here. And I realized that I didn't really want to post it. But I didn't really want to delete it either. Anything worth saying is worth saying on paper, right? Well, it's down there. I guess it's more for my records. *shrugs*

In other news, I'm not in the mood to do homework. And I'm fucked up.

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Fuck LJ!

I wrote an entry about how I wasn't getting any work done and it wasn't even my fault. First there was my sister Emily, then the parents, then dinner and a shower, then e-mail...and *screams*

Homework just wasn't meant to be....

AND JOURNAL ATE THAT ENTRY! *sigh* I guess I should be happy that it's working at all.

Now I have to go try to START my homework. Fuck, it's 9 already??
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