January 6th, 2002


I've been debating whether or not to update...

...mostly because I'm on the ledge between depressed and being fine. This might put me over the edge, and I don't want to start crying again because there are too many people here.

I just woke up a half an hour ago. I got about 9 hours of sleep. To do that tonight, I have to go to bed at 9:30. That gives me 9 hours to do all my homework today. And I was supposed to go with Ci and the kids to see Beauty and the Beast on IMAX. I saw it once already, but it was very cool. There are parts when you think you are watching a piece of art and not a Disney flick. Also, we are so blessed to have an IMAX theatre about 6 miles from here.

But the movie would take up 3+ hours of time. And I want to. More than anything I want to just forget about all my obligations and go there. Then out to dinner. Then go play with the kittens. But I can't. And I really have to stop putting this off because I have been all break....

Okay, cutting away now...Collapse )
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Small Note:

I did Calculus. My hand could hardly stop shaking to write. With every passing minute, the impending doom makes me more upset. I'm barely holding myself together. There are too many people in this house. I want to get away from here. This song is really good (Nickelback's "Breathe"). This has become several random sentences in one paragraph. I need to do work. I shouldn't be updating. I need to .... 2:22, make a wish .... do my work. I hate school. I...

Blah, I'm done.
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I'm making this quick because I've already posted enough blah stuff today....

I guess I'm done with homework. I did most of the physics stuff. I didn't understand more than 5 problems, but I did them. *sighs* I could call people for help, but they have their own stuff to be doing.

Oh well. I'm calling myself done...so there.
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