January 3rd, 2002


Fuck Me....

WARNING: I'm in a shitty mood.

First off, Counting Crows is awesome. Some of their songs are just so...perfect. All the time. Yes. (Especially "Round Here")

That wasn't bitch, now here comes me being heinous and complaining about shit that doesn't matter....

My hard drive is full. Completely. All 12 fucking GB. I've managed to clear out 1.4, but I still have no room.

This means that my 850 mp3s are going to have to become significantly less. I already got rid of over 100 expendable songs. Now I have to go weed out some of the not-so-expendable ones off.

Fuck that. I love my mp3s. It sounds silly, but I take pride in the music I listen to. And the variety. What am I supposed to do? Take out all my fun, random stuff? I need the Animaniacs Nation's Song (thanks to Rachael *smiles*) and 3 versions of Matchbox Twenty's "Long Day". It's essential that I have Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" as well as Grateful Dead's "Touch of Gray". And I'm not messing with my 38 NSYNC songs.

*sigh* Fuck it. I don't want this computer anymore. It's used and broken. Get it out. Give me something that accommodates my needs. This piece of crap can rust in the trash dump.
(And no, it's not metal so it won't rust. And yes, I realize that it's not actually broken, but to me it is. I don't want it anymore. It's making me sad, angry, and fed up. It can burn in hell for all I care.)

If I weren't so fucking pissed off, I'd be really angry at myself for being this shallow and stupid. But I am, so I could give a rat's ass how I sound.


And to top it off, I have to wake up in 7 hours. *angry sigh*
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mp3s I No Longer Have...

-Anything Christmas (Bing, Frank, and Charlie Brown have been deleted)
-All Dave Matthews Band
-All Def Leppard
-A lot of Counting Crows (Only the ones of poor quality)
-All Carly Simon except "New Jerusalem"
-All Elton John
-"Hotel California" (I kept the live version, though)
-All Everclear
-Bunch of Flying Blind
-Bunch of Foo Fighters
-A couple Fuel
-All unwanted Country (the stuff my sister downloaded)
-Most of Glenn Phillips
-Half of Green Day
-"Jack and Diane" ... An American staple *sighs*
-Most of John Mayer
-All Bon Jovi
-Half of Live
-Some Mandy Moore
-All Melissa Etheridge
-Mainstream NSYNC (Bye Bye to all the top 40 hits - pun intended. Also, All Christmas except First Noel) (I'm down to 23 from 38 *frowns*)
-Some Pearl Jam
-All Pippin and Sound of Music
-Most Poison
-All REM
-All Sheryl Crow except "Strong Enough"
-All Tracy Chapman
-Some Train
-Bunch of Toad the Wet Sprocket
-Bunch Vonda Shepard
-Half Wallflowers
-All Weezer except 2
Not to mention a bunch of random songs here and there....

Final count: 519
Computer's memory: 9.75 GB.

Fuck it. I give up. I'll do this tomorrow.
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Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday, Cici!!!

I love you. You are the best sister anyone could ever ask for. I hope you have a good day at work, and I'll talk to you later!
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You think you know...but you have no idea. This is the diary *dramatic pause* of me.

Okay, so some really random shit:

I think "Livid" should be an LJ mood.

I had the lyrics "And I'm a bad boy, cus I don't even miss her. I'm a bad boy, for breaking her heart." randomly pop into my head. What? I haven't listened to Tom Petty in well over 6 months. *shrugs*

The Diary thing (see Subject Line) is how I've been IMing (or rather MSN Messangering thingy) my sister. One, because I'm using my other sister's account, and two, because I think I'm funny. (And for the record, I don't use my own MSN screen name thing because I forgot it and my password for it. As such, it's kinda tough to do. Besides, Fayanne is always signed in anyhow.)

Again, Happy Happy Birthday to Cici. I hope you had a relatively good day. And I definitely think SimElijiah is necessary.

The Art Institute was fabulous. The exhibit was huge and very cool. I enjoy Van Gogh a lot more now, and still think *eh* of Gauguin. Oh well...Van Gogh was cool. And I bought two books and a poster from the gift shop. That gift shop and I get along VERY well.

*sigh* Must go decided what to do for dinner. Later, all!
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