December 31st, 2001


Whoa...Time flies...

So I've been lazy all morning.

I got home from Ci's apartment Sure, that sounds right.

Since, the only thing I have done is make icons.

Crappy ones because I get to use MS Paint. *sigh* Someday I will get a photo editing program.

Either way, I have about 4 new icons (all Non-Sync...whoa). But that means I must delete. *gasp*

Hmmm...what to get rid of....
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GIP #1

Lord of the Rings inspired this one....Elf Lust, featuring Orlando Bloom....yum.

(and I lied...there are only 3)
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    Don't Look Down - BBMak

Because I have the time....

I've got about 40 minutes before I have to go to Linz's house.

So...I figured I'd update.

I went to Ci's house this afternoon. I played the Sims. Yay! It's fun. I created the Potter household, complete with Harry, Hermione and Sean. (Yes, it should have been Oliver. Shut it.)

Call it uncreative, but her desk calendar was my only inspiration.

Either way, it's fun. A little weird at times, but entertaining. And Sean in a police uniform. *Squee* It's cute.

Yep...that's it.

Yes siree Bob. Nothing more to say.

Okay, really now. Bye.
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