December 30th, 2001


Heh. It's actually a kind of early night....

It's been slow tonight on Journal. I didn't even have to skip back, and I haven't been home since *thinks cus I'm brain dead* 6:15-ish? Sure, that sounds right.

Well, I was only a half an hour past curfew tonight. Yay.

Nikki's party was fun. Did I mention I was going to a party? I don't think so. I did. It was big, about 30 people. Lots of fun. It wasn't overly eventful (or not at all), but I was with people that make me happy. Also some that annoy the fucking shit out of me, but I avoided them at all costs, and was with the ones that make me happy.

That's actually it. I was at Cici's apartment today to steal lunch, banana cake, play with kitties and visit. Watched her start The Sims. She hasn't posted about it, so she either quit/gave up, or is addicted and still playing.

I also went to Target to buy a pair of tights. I wore a skirt to Nikki's (well, I changed after about an hour and a half...which was my plan), but I didn't feel like shaving, so I decided tights were the best option. Yay me.

I'm really tired. So I'm going to go to bed. G'nite!
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Awakeness is good....I think...

*yawns* I'm up. (And actually did just yawn).

I've actually been up for a half an hour. I've even showered. And started my Vanilla Frappuccino. Stunt my growth, HAH! I'm already short so, *sticks out tongue*. Yeah, you like it.

But yes, I'm up. I think Mommy's at church. Don't know where my Dad is. *shrugs*

We have a hair appointment later. This means that any available member of my family within a 20 mile radius shows up somewhere in a four hour time slot to get cut, color, perm, whatever. It's really very amusing. I haven't been to a hair appointment since (well, other than the Wedding) since summer. I need highlights again. You can see my roots...a lot.

My kitty is being very cute. She's sitting on my lap and looking at me with her big green eyes. Shut up, Cici! She can fit on my lap, she's not that fat. (For those who don't know, my cat is a little overweight.)

So yes.

That's about it. I'm going to go. I might get dressed....eventually. Until then, me and my Frappuccino will continue our love affair.
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I'm bored....hahahahaha....this sucks for you

Yes, you have to read my bored ramblings now.

I have nothing to do. My Frappuccino is, alas, gone and I'm rather awake and hyper. Probably has something to do with the caffeine. Oh well, whatever.

I haven't gotten dressed, but I'm in pajamas which are way more comfy and warm than any normal clothes. Mmmm...flannel pants and a sweatshirt over a tee shirt. So snuggly.

Some of my friends are going to go to the Barenaked Ladies concert tomorrow night. New Years Eve. *sigh* I want to go with them, because these are the people I've been friends with forever and a day. But I'm going to Lindsay's house (She's one of My Senior) with my other group of friends. Linz has been planning this since before Thanksgiving (*laughs* cus she's weird like that). And these are all my college friends that I won't see after two weeks. I want to see BNL again. They are fun. And it's New Years Eve. But I also want to hang out with everyone.

Ah yes, dilemmas of a high school girl. North Shore, no less. *laughs at self*

Oh well, I have other problems, but these are the good kind to deal with that don't cause unnecessary pain. And little stress. I could really care less either way, I think. I'm going to be with friends, and that's all that matters.

For all of your sanities, I'm cutting away now...

But first, to Kino. *hugs* I don't really know what else to say, except Yay. It sounds a little weird, but good for you.

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Another 4 Reasons I Hate Driving With Parents:

11. He can accelerate, but I can't.
12. He can go 10 over the speed limit, but I can't.
13. The awkward silence.
14. I feel bad changing the radio station every 2 minutes. (Thank god they played Pearl Jam, Blink 182 and Linkin Park all in a row)

Okay, so that was fun.

My hair appointment went ehh. We go to this new place because our normal chick moved there. She's actually my cousin's ex-wife's sister. Yeah, we have connections everywhere. The sheriff of our fine county is my aunt's (related by marriage) nephew, or something. And my uncle...for whatever reason...has connections everywhere and having that last name is nice. Ah yes...

Anyway, hair. She did a weird cut thing to the bottom so "it won't look so straight and Cleopatra." She also made my hair really blond in front, and get darker as it goes back. Which is all fine, until it starts to grow out. And she kept trying to sell me stuff, I was like "Wow. That's great. Uh-huh." Blah. And she got a cell phone call from this guy. Apparently she gets a lot of dates. And then proceeded to tell me how 30 year old guys just aren't for her because she's 50 and just wants some fun, not a serious relationship. Yeah, because I REALLY CARE! Shut up, woman.

Oh well. The hair looks okay, so I'm fine with that.

And Ci and I are seeing Lord of the Rings later. And she's just a bit excited.

Ci, you need a life. *laughs* Just kidding, I love you.
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