December 22nd, 2001


Here comes the night, here comes the memories...

(And because I always get bothered when I can't figure out song lyrics, that's from Elton John's "Someday Out of the Blue" from the Road to El Dorado Soundtrack.)

I am in such a fantabulous mood!!! All day has been great (especially since most classes were...well, non-classes). The day before Winter Break is by far the least-teachable and most fattening day of the year. I think it beats out Thanksgiving. Had food and candy everywhere! It was fun.

And I got present from some of my friends. They are so great.

And before 7th period (French) Lewis came into our class and we hugged and I talked with him for a bit until about a minute after the bell rang, and he had to leave so that Madame could start class.

And in Outdoor Adventure, Zima was gone (*frowns*) but all we had to do was sit and watch a movie on climbing Everest. Lewis was there too, and I instantly brightened up when I saw him. He stayed for the whole period, and he and I talked the whole time, despite being yelled at about 4 times. After a while the substitute just stopped trying. Hahaha.

Then, the Stage Crew Break party. An excuse to eat a lot, gather with friends, socialize, and watch movies on the big auditorium screens from 3:30 to 10. It was so much fun. Talked to Lewis more (*laughs* if that is possible) and also talked quite a bit to Elliott, Charlie and Eric. I got to see Lindsay for more than a minute, which was nice. The whole thing was just fantastic. I of course got to talk to Nikki and Amanda and the people I see every day. But also, a couple people that graduated before I was a freshman came back, which was cool because I know them through other people. Total, there were about 40 of us, and near the end, the number dropped to about 25. It was a great turn out. Tons of food. We watched Pee Wee's Christmas Special, Shrek, and Happy Gilmore. So fantastic.

After, I went with Nikki and Amanda to Allie's, and we hung there until Nikki and Amanda left at curfew. I stayed until about 1:20...oops. Oh well. It wasn't nearly enough time. We have to get together over break sometime. Sans deux ou trois amies.

Tomorrow is my Shopping day!! Yes, lines are going to be hideous, but it's the only time I have. Must buy for Mom and Dad, 4 siblings, niece and nephew, cat? (cats?), cousin, friends, and Nikki's birthday present. Her party is tomorrow night. Yay!

I totally need sleep. Fare thee well, folks! Goodnight and have a fantastic weekend.
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Game Plan....My Plan of Attack

Okay, so I'm going to shower, then go to the Best Buy in Vernon Hills, so that I can go to Hawthorne after.

I still have no idea what I'm getting anybody, but I have to start soon, because the sheer number of people shopping today is going to make this slow and tedious.

I think I might make a preliminary list before going...but that involves thought.

After, if I have time between shopping and Nikki's party, I think I might go to Ci's to see her kitties. I'm sure they've gotten huge! :o)

Up until that point, all of my "paragraphs" were a sentence long.

If I get really happy and in a good mood when My Seniors come home, then I'll be happy until mid-January. And then Spring Break is somewhere in February or March. And I know Lindsay gets out for the year in April. So really, I'm on a down hill stretch.

But I don't want to think about them leaving, because right now they are here! And here is better than at school. God, I didn't realize how much I missed them and love them all!!

O-be-kay-be, I really have to get to that showering and shopping thing. I'll be back later, I'm sure.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Do you know the Apple Man, the Apple Man, the Apple Man?

Guess who is at Woodfield at the Apple Store? That's's me. I'm cool.

iBooks are the coolest. I hate Macs, but I think this is better than my computer. Mmmmm...iBook.

Also, The Cheesecake Factory is awesome, and whatever chicken thing I had was really yummy.
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