December 19th, 2001


As good as she gets...

I'm going to bed. I wanted to work on my English paper, and start my History paper, but I'm too tired. Hopefully the extra sleep will prove more beneficial than getting those done.

I did all my homework that's actually due tomorrow though.

And I'm going to bed. Goodnight.
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That is all, until I get in a mood that I can explain without bawling my eyes out.

Just fuck.
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I only wanted to be the only one....

Chorus concert went well. Saw a bunch of friends (My Seniors aka the Graduates) who came to see it. Yay.

Dinner at Bennigann's. My appetite has been zilch lately, but it was good anyway.

Went to Target for print cartridge, pencils, and shampoo.

Just got home. No interesting e-mail. :o(

Got money for Christmas shopping from Mama. She said she was going to give me $300. Which would have given me the freedom of about $30 per person. That would have been nice, because I'm always so cheap. Only got $200. I guess I can't really complain though. I'm very lucky.

I really wish I felt better.

Avoiding homework because I'm so upset with school. I hate that.

I think Daddy is upset with my French grade (and would be of others if he knew...) I think Mommy is still worried about me, and doesn't know what to do. Hell, neither do I.

And I swear I was really happy at the concert. I was having fun and laughing and talking to friends. Then I get home and it's all back. I've gotten far too used to "checking it at the door" when I'm anywhere except my room. And maybe the bathroom. And the occasional outburst of emotion at school. But those are usually very quick and rare. I wait till I'm in the privacy of my own room to let it all out.

Blar. I have to go start my homework. I have a Calculus test tomorrow, and two papers to write (though those aren't technically due until Friday.

Have a good night people of the world.
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