December 9th, 2001


Fun with Harry Potter!

Eww...Ci, get your mind out of the gutter. Hahaha.

Please excuse me, it's late.

First off, because I seriously doubt these stupid images will show up in my journal...all the pictures can be found here.

If you really want one (though the quality is not the greatest, just ask. Hermione is mine, and cicigreen gets first pick, but otherwise, it's all good...)

First and foremost, my Hermione. I like it. Hee hee...mega bitch!

Next, Harry is "So Serious"...

And, he's a "Cute Boy!"

Also, inspired by Britney, "Not a boy, not quite a man"

Finally, "How You've Grown"

There are a couple more on the web page. Plus some icons without words, and a couple of the big pictures in case you have better image programs than me (which you me).

*crosses fingers* Work Dammit!!
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For the Record....

My sister, cicigreen has this strange way of reeling you into things and making you become obsessive.

Example 1:
Beauty and the Beast

She and I have seen the musical (at about $60 per ticket) 7 times. She went an 8th with just her son. To do this, we traveled to Cincinnati, OH and Louisville, KY.

The musical is coming back to Chicago in a couple weeks, as well as the animated IMAX opening in early January (like the 3rd?). We are seeing the musical already, and there is an IMAX theatre about 10 miles from here. Dangerous....very, very dangerous...

Example 2:
NSYNC (though I do blame LJ for parts of this....)

Seen them in concert 4 times. (Two Chicago, an Indianapolis, and a 1 day, no sleep road trip to Little Rock, AR). Have all their CDs, including the Christmas one. Am collecting the bobble head dolls.

I could potentially seen that damned NSYNC's Greatest MTV Moments, grown an appreciation, maybe bought a CD and enjoyed them in the privacy of my own home. Nope. Her influence made me become full-blown semi-obsessive. Her and her slash, and pictures, and DVDs, and...Damn.

Example 3:

She had one first. Pushed me to get one. I did. Now I post more often than she does. I'm definitely a Journal addict, and proud of it. I love my journal, I love having an outlet, I love the people I can meet through here. It's just fun.

Example 4:
Harry Potter

I went over to her apartment last night, having seen the movie, liking Sean because he was a cutie with an accent, and having a general appreciation.

I left being extremely squeeish, needing to see the IMAX version, spending hours looking for pictures and creating icons, and wanting to figure out which quiddich position I was best at at the Harry Potter website.

So basically, I blame it all on her!!! *point at Ci*
Then again, I never said that I was angry with being obsessed with all of this....
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Because I thought of it, and started laughing again....

Cici: "What's S-N-R?"
Me: "Snr." (pronounced like it was a word "Sner")

SNR is now on her interests list. And so am I!!! Check it one else has me on their interests list *frowns*

I'm unique! *swoons*

(God, I am such a geek).
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My Mommy is definitely the nicest person to have ever walked the earth....

I get to spend all of my Birthday money!! Granted it's only $130, but every year, I have to use my birthday money to buy people Christmas presents. And every year, I have to figure out how to get about 10 immediate family gifts, and a couple other family gifts, and friends gifts (about 10 of them)...for under $200.

Basically, I have to go really cheap. Which I hate.

But this year...Mama is giving my siblings and I "Christmas bonuses" in which she will be giving us checks (I'm probably getting $300, though my siblings are getting $500, because I'm going to LA in February.)

But now people get good presents. And I can use my birthday money on me!!! Whee!!!
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Shit, I made out like a fucking bandit today...

Don't ask why, but I'm in a profane mood. Deal with the swearing please.

My Santa is amazing. I will be getting a whole bunch of great stuff under the tree on Christmas morning, including 2 skirts, some more sweaters (have I mentioned that I'm the turtleneck-sweater Queen? Well, I am), a new winter coat, some jewelry, and a pair of boots.

And I don't think I'm totally done yet. Might still get some CDs. My Mamma is the greatest. She's really amazing.

Happy Hannukah!! It's a bit past sundown, but I wasn't home then. Hope anyone observing the holiday had fun tonight, and enjoyed a feast of potato laches, or whatever those are. Sorry, I don't know much about Judaism.

Hmmm...what else?

Oh, I know own a Joey bobble-head doll. 3/5 ain't bad. I also own Nickelback's first CD The State and Young Lust: An Aerosmith Anthology, along with the What's Going On? CD, and Miracle on 34th Street (the remake with Dylan McDermott) on DVD. It was a good day.

Yeah, so where the hell does my weekend go? I swear, I thought I had a ton of time to do things, and here I am not done with my homework at 11 on Sunday. The hell? (<- that was for you, Ci).

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