December 8th, 2001


Nine hours is a definite improvement on 2 and a half.

I woke up this morning at 7:30 and was over come with that instantaneous dread that I was extremely late and that mommy had been yelling at me to get up for the past half hour.

Then I remembered it was Saturday. *smiles* So I turned over and went back to sleep.

Granted I only slept for another hour, but I've never been able to sleep late. And I'm so not a morning person, I just can never sleep until noon or 1 like some people.

However, I must send out a Good Luck!! to all of my friends who have been taking the ACTs for the past hour, and will continue until noon. Ouch, and I hope you enjoyed waking up early. Hahaha.

The good thing about morning entries, is I don't have a lot to say, so now I'm going to go get some breakfast and read journals, and maybe research about Renoir for my French project. Tootles folks!
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Whoa there...Stop the presses

Hold up, could we back it up just a bit

Okay, so you can get magazine subscriptions through

And you can get Rolling Stone?

And the list price on a year is $101.45?

And Amazon's price is $11.97? And save $89.78? $0.46 an issue??????

Cover Price: $101.75
You Save: $89.78 (88%)
Our Price: $11.97 ($0.46/issue)
Issues: 26 issues/1 year"

And I don't have this because....?

I don't understand how they can sell it that cheep. And how Amazon is a total monopoly. But I love it. Amazon is the best ever!!!
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It's barely 11 and I've posted 3 times...

...Ha ha ha...Queen of Spam today.

Sucks for all you.

Might go Christmas present shopping later with "Santa". My friends thinks it takes all the fun out of it when I go with to get presents, but I get what I want so *shrugs*.
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