December 2nd, 2001


Yay! Fun Night!! (and @Home can still kiss my ass)

(Damn AOL and it's slowness. Damn @Home for it's stupidness.)

Now the happy stuff...

Carly's party was fun. About 20 people, so not huge, but I haven't been to a social gathering in what seems like forever! So needed that. We even got busted by the cops!! Well, we were playing in a park after sundown, and apparently some neighbor called about the noise, and a police officer came. He didn't even send us home. Yay!

It's not a real party until the cops arrive. *laughs*

I was one of the last two people to leave...after curfew of course. Such a bad kid. Oh well. It was good, though. Good night. Happy now. Yay happiness. Even if my internet is having issues. At least I have AOL as an option. Some people are just SOL. I would die without internet, and e-mail and AIM.

Thank god for AOL and dial-up modems. (Wow, never thought I'd say that...)

I'm still currently really awake, but I will be crashing soon...very soon. So, good night!
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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Ah yes, sitting on my couch, on a brisk early winter's day, listening to music and reading through the extended number of newspaper advertisements. Eating an orange from citrus (juicy) and some Holiday Anise Cookies (Yum!) and squeeing at the Best Buy ad with the picture of Lance the Bobble Head doll in the corner. Ah, yes. Wonderful.

I'm such a child sometimes. I still enjoy looking through all the toy adds and picking out what I want for Christmas. Which reminds me, I need to add stuff to my Christmas List. Hee hee.

Yay! 22 Days Until Christmas!!
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A Cruel Awakening to the Transiance of Life...

So, I'm in a good mood all morning. Cheery, Christmasy, procrastinating on all the work I have to do, considering going to Best Buy, even though I don't have enough money to get a Lance doll because you have to spend $25 first. But never the less, content.

Then I get out of the shower to hear:
"YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!" being screamed at my mother by Zoe. *sigh* She still has 8 years before teenage-ism. I wonder where Cici is. I wonder if I could join her...

Besides from that, I attempt to remain happy, happy-frappy. (Like from the Incubus song..."I Wish You Where Here")

Hee hee. Okay, Located Ci, she's here apparently. Zoe stopped crying and we will be going to Best Buy. Whee! Okay, time to get dressed. Tootle-loo!
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Hee hee. I have a Lance bobble head doll. He has blond roots and the little line-beard around his face. And cute shoes that make him look adorable. And he's next to JC.

Ahahaha. So cute.

I'm such a child.

Oh, and I also got the Mandy Moore CD. I figure that "Crush" is stuck in my head enough to constitute buying it. Besides, I'm a child.

Hee hee. I love Christmas.

Oh, and Ci and I are seeing Harry Potter tonight. It's about frickin' time!! Now I get to see what all the fuss is over Sean Biggenstaff. Hope it's worth it!
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Home again...

I feel like I completely got shafted from a weekend, because I've been so busy, but at least I got to do some fun stuff.

Like tonight. Cici and I went to see Harry Potter. Yay! It was good. And Sean Biggenstaff is in fact, very good looking. I'm now currently looking forward to the second one.

There were a bunch of good previews too. Lord of the Rings. Ci is excited for Elijah Wood. Mmmm...that hair! You just want to wrap your fingers in the curls. Or at least I do. Hee hee.

Okay, well I have a ton of homework to get to yet. *sigh* I just want to go to bed, not do calculus, and read 3 chapters of Beloved, and respond to Beloved, and study french, and create a prompt book. All before bed tonight. I'm so tired already...booo!
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This Sucks!

I haven't been able to check my e-mail in about 3 days, because the cable modem is dead.

However, I've kept semi-sane through Journal and the internet service I am provided by AOL.

BUT AOL SUCKS MORE THAN ANYTHING!!! I get kicked off constantly, I can't sign on AIM, and I can't get access to most websites (It took be 15 minutes to get to the journal update page because AOL servers suck so much.)

And I'm falling asleep, so I shouldn't be trying to go to any sites, but it's just annoying that I couldn't even if I wanted to.

And it's so fucking slow!!

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