December 1st, 2001


Late Night at the *insert place here*

I am officially 80-90% Angsty Nu-Metaller!

TyPiNg LiKe ThIs? Hardcore Nu-metal man! You feel my pain!

Take the test here!

It's funny, because I'm so not.

Yes. Bed soon. Promise. maybe...

So much to do tomorrow.
-Wake up and shower, etc
-Go to Saturday Crew from 9-ish (probably more like 10:30) until 2
-Go for lunch
-Come home
-Do homework for an hour (hahaha! Not going to happen. Instead I will be...
-Go to Best Buy (For a gift card for Carly, and the Lance bobble head doll, and probably the Mandy Moore CD)
-To go Carly's Birthday party
-Come home sometime around curfew

Right. So I guess I'll do my truck-loads of homework on Sunday. *sigh*
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Fuck You AT&T, and your whole Excite/@ Home Monopoly!!!

My cable modem doesn't work. I was told it's because AT&T or Excite or whatever was going bankrupt. SOME NOTICE WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE.

Thank god I never deleted AOL. Thank god Cici has been paying for an almost inactive AOL account for ages. I love you Ci!!

But! Gah! What the hell?? I can't use AOL and a dial-up modem. That just sucks. And AOL is always so wonky anyway. As it is, I just have that open, and am using Outlook for mail, and Internet Explorer for this.

And, I can't find my sister. She was complaining that I was going to Best Buy without her, but I was planning on dragging her with me anyway. Arg! CICI ANSWER YOUR DAMN PHONE!!

2 Hours till Carly's party. Arg.
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This Sucks!!

I need ice cream *runs to get Edy's Dreamery Dulce de Leche*

And Ameritech SBC.

(I can't even get on AIM, I have to use AOL. Dammit, Return should be send, not new line...)
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