November 29th, 2001


Life Rule #8

-Do not chug a carbonated beverage (like Pepsi) in large quantities after screaming at a concert for hours, making your throat raw.-

This one ranks up there with "Don't eat yellow snow", it's just not a good idea. Ever.
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Don't Let the Sun, Go Down on Me

Since that was stuck in my head while I was just brushing my teeth, I figured I'd use it as my subject line.

I'm really just updated to letch-y'all (or let you all, if we speak properly) that I'm just now going to bed. I did all my homework that may be turned in or check tomorrow, but nothing that I knew wouldn't be.

And for the record, my ears are still reading.

And the thing is, I could blame this on the concert and say "Damn you Britney!!", but I think we all know that I would do it again if the opportunity presented itself. Because that's the kind of person I am.

This really is a good example of me. I prioritized the Britney Concert ahead of the National French Honors Society. Have I mentioned lately that I don't like school? I did? Hmmm...interesting.

Yes well, my back hurts, my legs are really tight (I'm hoping I don't get a charley horse tonight. Ouch!), and I need sleep. But I'll be getting 4 hours!! It's um...better than nothing?

Okay, good night everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful sleep with fantastic dreams and overall very restful.
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Cici!!! - Oh yeah, and other stuff too

Coming home from school I heard that Toby Keith song you were talking about yesterday! "He he Easy baby" or whatever. Hahaha!

The P's are going out to dinner tonight (god, I hate that expression. What the hell? "The P's?" Hi, I'm 12 again). Anywho, I always get more accomplished when they aren't here. It's not that they bug me or anything, but psychologically for whatever reason, I am a bigger procrastinator when they are here. Weird...

School was school. Made up the first of my 5 tests & quizzes. It was Calculus. It wasn't that bad, but there are two that I know I got wrong, and because it's not out of many points, that's automatically a B, unless I get some partial credit on those.

Will be at school before 7am tomorrow to make up Physics. Eww. And I'm using my free period to make up English.

Yeah, so that "not going to be until 3" thing, totally doesn't work for me. I've been tired all day, and got to wake up (20 minutes late) to my mother screaming down the stairs that this was my last chance to get up or she was leaving without me. Needless to say, I somehow stumbled out of bed and got ready in 15 minutes. Yes, I was only 5 minutes behind schedule. *flexes arms* I am amazing.

STUNTS rehearsal was really great today. Our adult sponsor wasn't there, so it was just me, Kate and Nikki. We got a lot accomplished lighting wise, and I made a list of stuff I need to do this weekend as well as questions I need to ask ASAP. I'm feeling pretty good about things. I think that's because it's Thursday.

Thursdays are the best, and in case you haven't heard my theory, here it is: *ahem*
The Theory of Thursday: A Look at School and the Week
If you don't do homework on a Monday night that is due for Tuesday, the teacher expects that you have it in on Wednesday. That bites the big one, because you will undoubtedly be given more homework that night, leaving yourself with more than your fair share. However, if you don't do something Thursday night that is due on Friday, you don't have to make it up until Monday. So even if that is added to your weekend homework, you have (theoretically) the entire weekend to do it. Somewhere in those approximately 64 hours of freedom, you can do the extra. On a normal night, you (or at least I) have a mere 13 hours, and 8 are supposed to be devoted to sleep.
Thursdays also kick ass because you can say "just one more day of school, and I'm free!" and be correct.

This entry is longer than I thought. Must now read my friends list, then start homework. And somewhere in there, I must fix myself dinner and go buy some pencils (my last one ran out of lead *Eeek!*)
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And I've wrong, I've been down, Down to the bottom of every bottle...

One, AOL is the devil. I can't check my friggin' mail. I can see that I have 144 messages, but I can't get to them to delete it. The site just freezes. Blar.

Two, (and this is happy news), I have plans for New Years Eve!!! Lindsay (one of my graduated friends, she goes to Michigan) is planning a party at her house. Yay! Winter break will totally make up for Thanksgiving. I'm so excited, and I still have 33 days. *sigh* But getting sooner every day. I miss everyone. :o(

Three, yes, homework. Gone now.
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J'adore Victor Hugo!

Voici une poeme qu'il a ecrive apres sa fille est morte. (Translation: Here is a poem he wrote after his daughter died. And I don't know how to do accents, so I apologize for that...I shall cut and paste the poem from Word.)

Demain, d�s l�aube

Demain, d�s l�aube, � l�heure o� blanchit la campagne
Je partirai. Vois-tu, je sais que tu m�attends.
J�irai par la for�t, j�irai par la montagne.
Je ne puis demeurer loin do toi plue longtemps.

Je marcherai les yeux fix�s sur mes pens�es
Sans rien voir au dehors, sand entendre aucun bruit,
Seul, inconnu, le dos courb�, les mains crois�es,
Triste, et le jour pour moi sera comme la nuit.

Je ne regarderai ni l�or du soir qui tombe,
Ni les voiles au loin descendant vers Harfleur,
Et quand j�arriverai, he metterai sur ta tombe
Un bouquet de houx vert et de bruy�re en fleur.

Translation: ( knowledge with the help of Altavista, but you'll get the point)
Tomorrow, as of dawn

Tomorrow, as of dawn, the hour where the countryside is whitened,
I will leave. See you, I know that you m.attends.
I will go by the forest, I will go by the mountain.
I then to never remain far from you a long time.

I will walk with eyes fixed on my thoughts
Without anything to see outside, without any noise to hear,
Alone, unknown, the curved back, the crossed hands,
Sad, and the day for me will be like the night.

I will look at neither the golden evening which falls,
Nor the veils with far descent towards Harfleur,
And when I will arrive, I will put on your tomb
A green bouquet of houx and heather in bloom.

It looses a bit in the translation, but it's really very beautiful.
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Oooo...Hee hee hee

I took a Les Miserables Purity Test...I'm 75% Les Pure (25% Les corrupt). If interested, the link is here. If nothing else, it's entertaining if you have seen and liked Les Mis.

Okay, now I need to search for some lyrics, shower and go to bed. Physics test at 7 tomorrow morning! Gah!
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