November 28th, 2001


Do you realize how much I should be in bed right now?

I have to be up in 6 hours...but since I'm bored, and finished my homework for tonight (though I should be doing tomorrow night's homework. Britney concert. Won't get home until about 11. Start homework then...whoo-who!)

I have just really really really really really wanted to try the random journals thing to see how many it would take to get back to mine. Hee I am!

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Last time tonight...I swear...

The cutest thing in the world though!

My kitty is sitting on my lap, and I was scrolling down my friends page and she was watching it. So I decided to test it out. I moved the cursor from side to side, and she watched it. She never pays attention to TVs or computers, but she was glued to the little white arrow. So precious!!
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    The Call is still stuck in my head

I'm a Sssslllllaaaave for You!

Hee hee...I just got back from Britney. Very entertaining. No NSYNC, of course, but she puts on a good show. And I don't care what some people say, I like her. I like her clothes, and her style, and her music (well, most of her music). I personally think she is an adorable person and yay for her for doing and wearing what she wants.

I seem to be talking a lot about her clothes...awesome outfits tonight! If I looked like that, I would totally wear that shit. She had the greatest gray sequenced pants. I want them so bad!

Poor Brit was a little on the sick side. When she spoke, you could tell she had a stuffy nose, and some songs you couldn't hear her well on. [Not sure about the whole "lip syncing" thing. There were definitely times she wasn't. And other times she could have been. I don't know.]

The dancing was awesome. Yeah Wade! Really, very cool choreography. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know was awesome, and some just made you think, "Damn, what isn't Wade good at?".

Slave 4 U had a kinda remix-vibe to it. Sounded great. (Probably courtesy of Wade)(He mixed some stuff for Mandy Moore.)

I'm being so totally random.

Got out of the arena and parking lot and were on the tollway home in about 15 minutes. It was a freaking miracle.

Must do homework...have so tired...Dammit!

Oh!! Also, cus I told her I would...
Cici forgot the words to TIPY!!! AHAHAHA---hmmm...must have been funnier if you were there. Oh well.
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