November 13th, 2001


The hills are certainly alive with that grand ole Sound of Music....

Today's audition went s i g n i f i c a n t l y better than yesterday (which was just plain awful). Though it doesn't mean anything, I got called back after my first reading and did a couple other. One was a non-singing role. Hahahaha! Yes, I did suck yesterday, and I appreciate the acknowledgment.

Overall though, I love auditions. I'm such a people watcher, so watching 120 kids speaking through lines from my 2nd favorite musical, I am just in such awe. It's fun, really, because you get to read for different parts with different people. Very cool.

Kinda hurt that mommy didn't ask how the audition went. She didn't ask yesterday either. But my dad asked today. *shrugs* I've learned not to expect too much out of people. Especially my mother.

Cast list will be posted next Tuesday at 3:30 on the site. Hey, if you really want to see if I made it, check out that page. *laughs* Not that I expect you to. I will be in Florida, but I'm sure I can find access to a computer. Still not putting too much weight into this. I probably won't make it, but it would be cool if I did.

I've had Confidence in my head all day. It wasn't even one of the audition pieces. Weird, but the Sound of Music brightens any bad day.

Talked to Dr. Flemming today (about my physics teacher). I'm glad that I got to say what I wanted, and express that I feel my grade is suffering because of his obvious lack in teaching skills, but it really feels like I've wasted my time. I know that Flemming won't do anything about it, except maybe mention that "a few students are having problems in your class". I guess I knew that there wasn't anything that could be done, though. If this keeps up, I'm considering switching to level two physics.

Speaking of physics and how much it sucks ass, he gave us a quiz today on material that we hadn't touched in about a week, that was on the schedule for tomorrow, and that had nothing to do with the homework or lesson. In a related issue, he gives us homework on things that do not relate to what we learned in class. Yesterday, we learned about Centripetal Force. Last night's homework was on Vector Acceleration. *shrugs angrily* Where ever the hell he got that.

Okay, making myself angry again. Yuck. Must do homework. Haven't gotten anything done yet, and auditions ran late. *sigh* I shall be back...
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Just took the Gay Test that has been circulating. It said it was about 75% sure I was bisexual. I'm girly, but I could never date a girl. They are way to...complicated. It's hard enought having to deal with myself and my friends. Blah.

Anyway, but I was thinking, Everyone whom I have seen that has taken the test was shown to be bisexual. Anyone get a different result? Oh well. I really should get to homework now...Eww...
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Just Whipping through the homework...

Two hours and I only have an English journal response left. Whoo-who! This means after that, I can watch the last two-weeks episodes of West Wing so that I'll be caught up for tomorrow.

Can you believe it's almost West Wing Wednesday already?
Time flies when you like none other?

Also, I have a huge headache. Like really bad. I just took Excedrin, but if it doesn't kick in soon, I might have to resort to banging my head against the wall. That wouldn't hurt quite as much, and would serve as a well-needed distraction.
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