November 10th, 2001

...dreamers very tired....

Went out to dinner with immediate family (12 people is "immediate family"...some people would probably find that's the norm). We went to Jimmy's Charhouse. Not what I wanted, but it was only my birthday dinner, I shouldn't get a choice *sarcasm* No, it was fine, I just would have prefered somewhere else. After, I went over to Allie's for a couple hours. I just got home and am completely dead-tired.

I'm going to sleep soon, I swear. I should be at school by 9 tomorrow for Saturday crew. Afterward, we are going to Olive Garden and a movie at Showplace. Yay! First, though, I must get through 5 hours of work. Blah. Not in a work mood. Probably because I'm so very tired.

I...can't even thinks straight. Night night.
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Saturday crew today. After, we went to Olive Garden for a late lunch, then to see Monsters, Inc. It was funny the second time too!

Just got home really. Noticed that there was a coupon for 3 Blockbuster rentals for $10. Not a bad deal. Thinking about going and renting some. Thelma and Louise, maybe.

Also have to go pick up some school supplies, and maybe a CD (cus, ya know...Best Buy is right next to Office Max...)

So I'll be back later.
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Shopping expedition....

Nothing good at Blockbuster...oh well.

Bought a couple binders, some really cool pens (have I mentioned my pen obsession?) Got some batteries, and the Skrek DVD.

Also bought the Britney CD. So far very enjoyable. I like it a lot actually, but I'm only on song 5.

Okay, going to go do something...then sleep. Night.
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