November 8th, 2001


Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song, and I'll try not to sing out of key...

So there's this kid in my US History class. I never really paid attention to him until a couple days ago, but once I did, he just sort of struck me. He's a senior, in a state mandated junior history class. He flunked out of it last year. Anyway, he's always late to class, and about twice a week, gets dean's slips for reasons unknown to me. It was yesterday, actually, when I first really saw him. He came into class quoting from the Disney movie Aladdin. The part in the beginning with the merchant trying to sell things...the dead sea tupperware, the thing that slices and dices, and even makes Julian fries! He was all into it, with the accent and everything. Then he stopped and said, "wait, I can't be on time for class", then left the room, and waited for a couple seconds for the bell to ring, then walked in. He was in such a cheerful mood, it made me laugh. I realized that my thoughts were extremely stereotypical. "Why would a guy who visits the deans office on bi-weekly occasions, and never comes to class on time, and failed out of US History quote from a Disney movie?" I admit that I thought it. I realize it was stupid of me. I try to go below the surface of people. Everyone has a story to tell, and it's not as simple as it may seem. To quote Plato, "Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle."

For some reason, this guy, Alex, has stood out to me so much as to make me think about him at random hours of the night, and wonder if maybe he watched Aladdin with his little sister, or just likes cartoons. There's nothing wrong with that. I've been known to watch them a lot.

Looks can be deceiving.
Don't judge a book by it's cover.
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...dreamers, ooo, ooo....Stuntasia...

You remind me of the show.
What show?
The show we just did.
Which one?
Stuntasia 2000.
Who did?
You did.
Did what?
Remind me of the show!

Ah, fond memories of STUNTS from last year. Rehearsal today when well. I've now seen all of the original acts. Yay.

Interesting thing I realized today. Within 5 days, I will be working on/involved with 3 different theatre performances. Monday was strike for the Fall Play. Tuesday through Thursday were STUNTS rehearsals, and Friday is the Musical clinic (auditions are next Monday and Tuesday). And Wednesday night was the Chorus concert. No wonder I feel like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Next Tuesday, I am planning on going to see Dr. Flemming (Department chair for Science) with Hillary and Caitlin. I honestly don't think I can stand physics any more. Mr. Bruss doesn't explain what he teaches and when you ask him for help, he circles around your question for 5 minutes before getting back to the beginning, and never answering it. Also, he gives us homework on things we haven't learned, and his tests never make any sense. Grrrr....

Got an 88% on the History test I took yesterday. Yay! Wish I could be getting an A this quarter, but I'll live with the B+. The calculus test today didn't quite go as well. Oh well, I'll live. I think I'm averaging a B. French test tomorrow on the passe compose and the imparfait. Yuck. I suck at this so much, it's going to be very bad.

We cooked in Outdoor Adventure today. My group made pancakes and bacon on a little propane stove thing. It was fun. The pancakes were gross, but the bacon was surprisingly good. Tomorrow we are making lunch and we are planning on grilled cheese sandwiches.

Okay, that's about all that's new...except a little vent/rant that is coming Collapse )
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First, I really liked ER tonight.

Second, Potbelly has the best sandwiches for under $3.60 in the world.

Third, I must be the only on on Audiogalaxy who has songs from Pink's new album, because I've been transferring those more than any other.

Fourth (and related to third), in the week or so that my computer has been on non-stop, I have sent 804 files (plus four more currently sending) and received 63.

Fifth, I still love free music.

Sixth, I really want to see the new Kevin Klein movies, Life is a House, or something like that.

Seventh, I really like numbering things.

Eighth, I liked Will & Grace tonight too.

Ninth, I have a whole bunch of new Heermanisms to add to my website, but until then, they will be at the end of this journal.

Tenth, I still love "You Drive Me Crazy". goin' insane...can't feel the pain...

Eleventh, "I Could Fall" is a very good Evan and Jaron song.

Twelfth, tomorrow is Friday. Whee!

Thirteenth, in one of the STUNTS skits, a group is talking about NSYNC and mentioned something about puppies. I squeed (quietly, but it was definitely a squee)

Fourteenth, I have a song called "Pearl Jam - Sunday, Bloody Sunday (cover, live)" and it's a very cool version. Slow and really awesome, but it's not Eddie Vedder's Bono. Damn. I wanted cover songs!

Fifteenth, I should really shower and get to bed, while I have the chance.

Sixteenth, I need to go to Target, or Office Max or something over the weekend. Mmmm...practical shopping....independence.

Seventeenth, this is just getting out of hand.

Eighteenth, tomorrow night is out "family birthday dinner" for me and my sister Emily. Her birthday was Wednesday (mine was Monday).

Nineteenth, today is my aunt Denise's birthday. Not only is she my aunt, but she's my godmother. I just sent her an e-mail thanking her for my halloween card, birthday card and money, and wishing her a happy birthday. Three birds with one stone. I even impress myself sometimes.

Twentieth. Yes, definitely enough. I might check back in after my shower. Don't hold your breath. Have a good night, everyone!

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