November 5th, 2001


Happy Birthday to Me...

First, I'd like to thank everyone for extending their birthday wishes out to me. Especially mercgirl57. I loved the e-cards. *hugs to all*

Second, the unfortunate news that my birthday pretty much sucked. I am currently over-exhausted, under-slept, under-nourished, and the day was just boring.

Physics. On a monday morning. At 7:30. For 84 minutes. With Mr. Bruss. It was not a good start. English was okay, not overly good, but not bad. History was boring, and three times I almost dozed off before snapping myself back to the realm of the awake. I also fell asleep in French, but only for a couple minutes. Allie woke me up.

I did however, get a bunch of "happy birthday"s and a ton of birthday hugs, so that was good.

After school, we had Strike for Fall Play, which is basically unsetting up for a show. It was long. Tedious. Hard work. Not fun for a birthday. Also, Mama said she might make dinner tonight, but she didn't. Nothing is even planned, it's an SOS (search or starve) evening at the household.

I guess it wasn't that I had a bad birthday, but just a bad day that happened to fall on November 5th. *sigh* Oh well.

I have a ton of homework to do now, so I guess I'll check in later. Ta ta!
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Little better....maybe...

I had 4 phone messages, three cards in the mail, two phone calls from sisters and a partridge in a pear tree.

I talked to Fayanne for a while. She'd fine, not great, but trying to work through everything. Yeah, know how that feels.

My niece called. She's so adorable, and Cici wished me a quick happy birthday, but I was on call waiting with Fa, so I cut it really short.

Within 10 minutes, Emily called. You can tell we are all sisters, we make phone calls at the same time. *chuckle*

(Was just trying to type LiveJournal, and it came out LiverJournal. Eww. Ha!)

Just wrote a History paper in about 30-45 minutes. Impressive for me. I don't think it's too bad either. Not the best thing I've ever written, but certainly not the worst.

I'm falling asleep (again. It's just like French...and Physics...and doing English homework last night...and the night before...)

Definitely need more sleep. Showering, then bed, I promise!
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