November 3rd, 2001



Show was good. Mary, Katie and Bridgette are in town. Yay! Shin-dig after at Steph's. Just got home. Was fun.

Now time for shower. Must be up in five and a half hours. Not using subjects. Kinda interesting.

Need sleep. Need lots of sleep. Will not get lots of sleep....ever. Is okay. Going now.
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Have you ever...

...been in one of those insanely productive moods where you feel like cleaning your room, while doing laundry, maybe dusting too. And want to do a whole bunch on inane and pointless crap, like organizing your CDs in an Excel document, or start researching colleges online? But you know very well that you should not do these things. You know it's late and that you should be sleeping?

Yes. Well, maybe I'm just crazy, but I really want to make a list of all the shows I've done and my job for them. This is my 9th production (The Heidi Chronicles, that is). Hmmm...perhaps I'll whip that out quick before bed.

I will definitely feel the repercussions of this later. Yep...I will.
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5:55 is really early (at least on a Saturday)

But I'm up and ready for Allie to pick me up and to go to catch the bus down to State.

Cici, because I know the parents will have forgotten (or I didn't tell them anything overly specific) and may ask you for's what's going on:
6:30 - bus leaves DHS
10:15-ish - We get to Peoria
11 - Erica's race starts
12-ish - We eat lunch
1 - We start to head home
4:30 - I should be home sometime around here.

I have call tonight at 6, so I won't be home for long, and the cast party is later, so I probably won't be home until late again.

Oh, and I need gas...hmmm...
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