October 31st, 2001



*grits teeth while screaming profanities in head*

Fucking dash-dash-dash!

*digs fingernails into hands*

*tears form in eyes and I wander away to attempt homework* Fuck.

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Ancient Rome! It's not like Home!!

Thanks to the cartoon Arthur and Buster Baxter for that lovely little ditty.

Basically, I'm home for an hour and a half, before going back to school for the 3rd of 8 performances of the Fall Play, The Heidi Chronicles. If you haven't been able to tell, it has sort of taken up my life in the past month, so it's rare that I get to update.

Also, I figured I'd drop a line before I get sad, angry, depressed, or irritated again. So many problems, but for now, I feel okay.

Happy Halloween!!
My "costume" consisted of a pair of pink leopard-print cat ears headband thing. Bought it at Target last night at 9:50pm for $5. But hey, at least I'm a little festive.

Outdoor Adventure is the greatest gym class ever. This week is out "mountain biking" unit. Our back soccer fields back up directly to a forest preserve area with a 2 mile bike trail. Basically, we just take a nice brisk ride in the lovely autumn weather for 20 minutes, and get the other half of class to sit around and do nothing. It's so great. I'm a fan of biking anyway.

Saturday, I'm going with the Cross Country team to the State Finals competition. Erica Odlaug is a senior at my school and is amazing. She set the course record for State last year, and will most likely be number one in the State again. Not only does she win, but she took sectionals a full minute before the next finisher. If you aren't familiar with running, this is incredible. I don't think Erica actually knows who I am, nor have I ever met her, but I'm friends with a bunch of people on Cross Country and I think it's nice to build up as much support as possible. As an interesting side note, Erica will probably be training for the 2008 Olympics. Go Erica!!
EDIT: If you get Sports Illustrated, Erica was in the most recent (November, I think) issue, in a section of upcoming stars/people you should know. Cool, huh?

Okay, I have to go do some homework now, then I have the show. Depending on how it goes later (sure as hell better be better than the last two), I'll update later too. Chao!
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The show went really well tonight. The best ever, in my opinion. And the fucking projector thing that has been the bane of my existence for the past 3 days and making me a complete and total snarky bitch, actually worked, and I was the one to fix it. I could not be happier....well, maybe if I didn't have Calculus homework.

But yeah, so a happy me, is a good me. I like happy!me. I really hate angry!me, sad!me and depressed!me. But now I'm happy!me. Whee!

That's about it. I really gotta get started on homework. Maybe eat some dinner too. Mmmmm....forbidden doughnut....
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