October 28th, 2001


If This Doesn't Work....grrrr.....

So for the past three days, I've been trying to update and can't. This better work.

A million thanks to mercgirl57. I got the video and sticker book. Haven't been able to watch the puppy footage yet, but it's definitely on my "to-do" list. *hugs*

I enjoy going to bed and waking up at the same time and getting 13 hours of sleep. Wait, that didn't make sense. Bah. Oh well, I like daylight savings...it's nice.

After the Tumbler's Show last night (it's a combination dance and gymnastics troupe. Very good, a little repetitive, but definite talent), Candace and Nikki came over. We ordered Chinese for dinner and watched Sleepless in Seattle. (I fell asleep during the last 45 minutes, but that's okay).

Now, I'm up and ready to face the world! Well, not quite. I'd really like to go lay down and sleep all day, but I have homework to do. Bah.
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Silly Kitty....get off my damn poster!

So at Aerosmith last Tuesday, I bought a poster. Very cool. Like it a lot.

I've been trying to flatten it out on my floor since them. I'm fairly sure that it's about as flat as it's going to get, but I'm to lazy to put it up. More, I'm too lazy to find space to put it up. My walls are full. Honest to god, there is no space, or at least not enough for a poster. I either have to take somethings down, or rearrange, and who has time for that?

So far today, I've read 2 of the 18 chapters of Huck Finn that are due Thursday. Grrr...don't want to do it. Slow moving. Just get on the goddamned raft already! But, I did do my History and Calculus homework. Whee! Only studying physics left. Considering I don't understand it, and got a 5 out of 10 on a pre-test quiz we took, I'm not foreseeing this being good at all. Bah.

Just showered. Yus, I'm a slack. Hahahaha. I love Sundays.
"Wish it was Sunday, cus that's my fun day. It's just another manic Monday..."
This song was actually on the radio this morning. Random Bangles, but hey, I was singing.

Radio has been very good lately. 5 Matchbox songs in the since last night. 3 Nirvana. A Staind, Nickelback and TIPY! Whee!

Hee hee...kitty and I are sharing this chair. She's so cute. Pretty kitty.

Gotta go be productive. With any luck, I'll be seeing OTL later. Wait, scratch that. I will be seeing OTL later, it's just a question of when, where, and with who. I'll go by myself if necessary. Definitely will. Must see Lanchey on big screen. And Jooowwwweeeeeeyyyyy! Hee hee....need to go. Do. Something. Or. I. Will. Slack. All. Day.

On. The. Line. beckons to me...

Public Service Announcement:
Oh, and by the way...The "What's Going On?" CD comes out on Tuesday. $8 at most stores. Go buy a copy.
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Dinner with Dad.

We went to On the Border. Yummy. That's it.

But yes, he's home. No more house to self. Mommy's not coming home until tomorrow. They were down at Parents Weekend at my sister's school (go figures...parents at a Parents Weekend?). Mom decided to stay an extra day because my aunt Judy and cousin Stephanie (who is a Senior this year) have an appointment to look around the school tomorrow. They will be back tomorrow evening.

Ci went to take Mikey back to his dad's, and then will be coming back here to drop off my father's car and pick up hers. Then *hopes and prays* we will be going to see a late showing of On the Line. She was feeling sick earlier *:o(* so I'm hoping she'll be better and willing to go. I want to see it sooooooo bad.

Still haven't studied physics. But I did read up to chapter 7 in Huck Finn. It's still boring. I think Tom Sawyer should find him and kick the shit out of him. I don't know why, I just think it would be a better book if they were feuding friends, not ones that try to rob a Sunday school class with brooms.

Anywho, that's about it for now. I'm going to try and get some more homework done before Ci gets home. Will also be downloading more new songs. My cable modem is definitely been worth it's weight in gold. *kisses the warm machinery* 30 second downloads. Incredible. Really, truly, fantastic.
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Nearing the end of RobTober....Eeek!

Have I mentioned lately how great Rob Thomas is? No? Well then let me take this opportunity to quote some of the great songs he's written...

"I wanted to say I'm sorry for the screaming last night,
and the nights before." - Dear Joan

"You walk before me, lord knows that I can't follow,
You walk behind me, and I don't think I can lead,
You walk around me, please don't walk around me,
'Cause you know how dizzy I get." - Dizzy

"I cry cause the weather has gotten to me
And I laugh at the people that I can't be, all their lives,
Silly pictures." - Forever December

"Feeling kinda shaky but the wounds have healed,
There's a crack in the doorway where the walls have peeled,
And I see the sun go down on a clear day." - Here Comes Horses

"Don't try to make no sense of this scene." - High

"Would you be happier if I was only half the man I am,
You could shadow me and dare me to come in,
I could lie to you and say I didn't mean it,
But it really doesn't matter when you stop to think about it." - Tired

"I'm sorry 'bout the attitude
I need to give when I'm with you
But no one else would take this shit from me." - Long Day

"The trouble understand, is she got reasons he don't,
Funny how he couldn't see at all, 'til she grabbed up her coat." - Hang

"Maybe if we ever coulda kept it all together
Where would we be
A thousand lost forevers
And the promises you never were giving me." - Last Beautiful Girl

"But she knew all the words that I never had said
She knew the crumpled-up promise of this
Broken down man - and as I opened up the door." - Rest Stop

"It's amazing
how you make your face just like a wall
how you take your heart and turn it off
how I turn my head and lose it all." - Leave

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