October 21st, 2001


I feel so good...

...healthy, happy, and like I really helped accomplish something.

Yes, the City of Hope's Walk for Hope Against Breast Cancer was this morning, and was so great. At 7:45, I picked up bagels, then the people I was taking. We find our way to Northwestern easily, cus I'm good a directions. We got there at about 8:30. Took a shuttle from the Ryan's Field parking lot to the event start.

We registered and got out number things to wear, and the tee-shirts you get for paying the registration fee. They had a booth set up with free apples, bananas, orange juice, and Panera Bagels. Though we already had some, Allie, Lauren and Jacqueline each took one. I had an apple. It was 9 by this time, and we had an hour before the race began.

We were right on the shore of Lake Michigan. It was overcast today, but the lake was still beautiful. Also, you could see directly down the coast into Chicago. Very cool to see the skyline like that.

We start the 4 Mile Fitness Walk at 10. It was a lot of fun, and so cool to see everyone walking like that. We made really good time, and finished in 1:04:56. Jacqueline wanted to break one hour, but our first mile took about 20 minutes. Considering, we had really good pace for the last three.

Next year, we either want to do the 5K run, or break an hour for the 4 mile. I'm looking forward to it already. We sat around for a little after, and at about 11:20, took the shuttle back to my car, and drove home. It only took about a half hour, so that was nice. I was home by noon.

I should be starting homework, but I haven't. I'm considering going over to Ci's. She has good ice cream. I know this, because I bought it for her yesterday. Also, I don't want to do homework. I hav a 4-page formal English paper to write by tomorrow, also. It was assigned on Friday. This is one of the only things I really dislike about my english class. I could have used a little prep-time. Oh well.

I'm gonna go now. If anything else exciting happens to me, I'll be sure to letcha know.
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I'm so way out of it...

I just woke up from a really weird dream. Really weird. There was a lot of reoccuring actions and stuff in it, but I had never had that dream before. Like the place. I had had a dream set in that place before. And both times it was "Allie's house", though it totally wasn't. In it also, Allie was pregnant, but for whatever reason it wasn't really her baby. Dunno where that came from. Allie's dog, Bailey, was in it, and this girl I know from the play, Betsy was too. It was so weird.

Okay, Ci and her daughter have just invaded my room. So much for having just woken up. And kitty is sitting on my lap. I am a magnet today....
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I'm wicked hungry.

Anyone know what's going on on the United We Stand broadcast?
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Aerosmith on United We Stand broadcast!!!

In 2 Days, 2 Hours and 10 Minutes, I will be at that concert.

And in 2 Days, 3 Hours and 40 Minutes, they might actually take the stage. *jumps for joy*

How cool is that? I love Aerosmith!!
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Look...This Is Me Panicing

The announcer people (btw, they are funny, in a not-so-funny sort of way) just listed the bands still to come. *NSYNC, Goo Goo Dolls, Train...okay. WHERE THE HELL IS MATCHBOX TWENTY???

They are supposed to be here. Did I miss them? I think I would start to cry if I did.

Please! If anyone knows anything...tell me before I start to get really sad.
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Public Service Announcement!!!

*NSYNC will soon be on the United We Stand broadcast. My guess is in about 15 to 20 minutes.

Also, I think it will end at 1am. And I will probably listen until it's over. Bahahaha!

In case you didn't know, go to Yahoo.com to get it...
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(no subject)

NSYNC sounded fabulous!!

Goo is covering American Girl. MB20 covers this all the time. Fantastic.

Need to go write the 4 page paper that I haven't started. Stupid me.
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For the Record...

I've been listening to the United We Stand Broadcast for 5 hours.

Nick Carter has a really annoying singing voice.

Train is awesome. They totally got shafted.

Aerosmith is in less than 2 days. They were amazing.

I'm so addicted, and I still haven't started my paper. So screwed.

Getting very tired too. So bad.
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This is bad....

I have the attention span of a flea. I'm trying to pound out a thesis for a paper that I have no idea what it's going to be about. It's due in about 10 and a half hours, and I'm waking up in 8 and a half. I still have to shower and sleep somewhere in there.

I'm beginning to feel kind of miserable, because I just have no concentration on my paper, and I really need to get it done. I wish I wasn't so <"insert feeling here">.

Oh My God! Chris Kirkpatrick is hanging out with the UWS DJs and was talking about Mariah Carry for about 10 seconds! Hopefully he'll be back on after.

But, puppies are still there? How cool! Hanging out with BSB...Mmmm...new part of Coldhearted...

Whoa...Mariah. Bad note. Stick with original arrangement. Ouch.
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I Love Christopher Kirkpatrick!!!

DJ: Do you guys wear glitter on your faces. Cus you have sparkles...
Chris: No! That's from my shirt jerk-off!

He went on to totally...oh my god...please tell me some one captured this on mp3! This is so...oh my god!

He was totally being crude and stuff!

Chris: Red bull and vodka....Me and my boys always drink that when we go out...Yeah, Zima and starbursts were cool when you were like 14, 21 when you first go drinking.

Chris: You guys are such nerds.

Chris: I think in this business, if you don't have a two-way, you aren't cool.

Chris: We're five brothers, we love each other to death.

Chris: I go out and spend all the money I have to give my nephews and little sister the Christmas I never had.

Chris: You so old, you got Moses's two-way!

Then they got into "You so old" jokes...and when he left they asked if all the guys were alcoholics like he was. It was soooo funny.
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Oh God...

I'm so tired. I'm finding it really hard to keep my eyes open. My brain is definitely not functioning righ.t. i can barely type.

I really want to just lay down and sleep. I only have a page of my paper and it is absolute crap. Probably one of the worse pieces I've written ever. My support is not quite supportive, and my thesis isn't even what my paper is about. I can't think logically about any good ways to form a sentence. Hence the very poorly written entry.

I...I need to finish this though. I need to, so that I don't get points off. I need to, so that I don't have to do it tomorrow when I have to get everything done early, because I can't do anything Tuesday night...Aerosmith concert.

I took a nap early, but I think that only compensated for the lack of sleep I experienced last night. I'm so goddamned tired. I'm so ready to sleep. I can't. I mustn't.

Need to work...
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