October 20th, 2001


Okay...Lots o' Stuff...

One, Journal people are the coolest. Only here do we get such a wide variety of people with similar (and occasionally disturbing) interests. You can actually find people as crazy and random as you!

Two...if you haven't heard about the very preliminary idea of PuppyPalooza 2002, it would be the coolest thing ever. Read more about it in dacey's journal. Too lazy to find actual link. Sorry.

Three, I'm really hyper.

Four, God, am I hyper.

Five, busy night. After rehearsal, we all went to Corner Bakery for dinner, then to Lake Forest High School to see their production of The Heidi Chronicles. You may recall that I mentioned rehearsing with them about a week and a half ago. It was cool. And I had a lot of fun tonight.

Six, my weekend is jam-packed. Activities and obligations one after another (some overlapping...yeah, that's good). Dentist tomorrow morning. Then rehearsal until 5, maybe see Fall One-Acts. Maybe see Highland Park's STUNTS. Maybe go out with Jenny, Bridgette and Steph. Dunno yet.

Seven, um....I really love the Nickelback song "How You Remind Me". And I love Staind...still.

Eight, I think I may have failed my French test today, that I didn't study for. Hey! Hygiene and sleep comes before le francais pour moi.

Nine, after Heidi tonight, I went to Ci's apartment. This is how I found out about PuppyPalooza. If it ends up working, she might be co-putter-togetherer. Also, played the OutSmart game at msn.com (again, too lazy to link). We won against those silly singers turned dancers turned actor fools. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ten, was I the only one that during OutSmart when we got the question about putting together "joey" and "lance" to get a kangaroo and a spear, to automatically think "JoLa?"

Eleven, in the real world, people don't understand NSYNC. Nor do they understand the interest in reading slashy fic about pretty dancing boys. Real world sucks.

Twelve, my screennames stuff. Hmmm...gailmarie. Anyone want to take a stab at it? As boring as it is, my first name is Gail. My middle name is Marie. Opa! I have AIM under Windy115. 11/5 is my birthday, Windy was my nickname from 7th grade english class. The teacher was totally wacked and gave everyone nicknames so he wouldn't have to memorize real names. Mine was Windy. Tada! Finally, I had Zippy1484 for yahoo. Zippy is a nickname from my best friend's little sister. Everyone in their family has nicknames. Allie's is Pooks. Her sister is Sponks. I became Zippy. 84 was year of birth, 14 was my age at the time. *sigh* so young. A whole 3 years ago. It's a lot longer than it seems.

Thirteen, I really like this whole "numbering the paragraph thing". It's really pointless, but oh well.

Fourteen, Journal really is fantastic. So many interesting people, with stories to tell. Love my friends so much!

Fifteen...that's it for now. Bu-bye!
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Perhaps premature...

Actually, definitely premature, but I'm bored as hell.

PuppyPalooza 2002, an interactive web host.

Okay, so it's a page on my site with nothing more than a title, explanation, quote and picture of the boys. So what? It's not like anything has been planned anyway. :op
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(no subject)

Went to the dentist this morning. Yuck, but everything is fine. The only thing was that he, again, recommended orthodontic work. Gee, ya think? Apparently I have an "overjet". Don't know what that is. He gave me some referrals, so I guess I'll have mama make me a couple appointments and see what happens. *sigh* braces. Eww.

Rehearsal went well. We had a "costume parade" which is basically just seeing everyone in their costumes one scene at a time and seeing what needs to be fixed or changed. Took forever. Jenny came, though, so yay! Then, between the costumes and run through, Jen and I got to run for lunch. We met up with Bridgette so that she could see the show also. 'Twas fun.

Now I'm home. Probably going to dinner at Olive Garden with family, because I haven't heard anything about HP STUNTS. I could call Steph, but I'm too lazy. Tired too. And thirsty.

Did you know that by the time you actually feel thirsty, you are already a liter dehydrated? I've been thirsty since the dentist, and haven't drunken anything. Oops.

Gotta go to Olive Garden now. Wow, that was incredibly quick. Later, folks!

Slash, slash, and more slash...

"I like to think I'm not losing," Chris said.

"I like to think you suck," Justin muttered.

Jae is the best. Must read on. Later, dudes.
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Home again...

I left Ci's when we went from being completely loopy to being unequivocally mellow (and yes, I only phrased it that way because I wanted to use the word "unequivocally").

Now I am home. And sleepy. And a little bored. I could read the rest of Coldhearted, but I am very tired. And I have to be up in 8 hours. Tomorrow, I am going with Allie, her little sister Lauren, and a friend of ours Jacqueline to the City of Hope's Walk for Hope Against Breast Cancer. I'm actually really excited, though not so keen on the fact that I have to be up at 7:30.

Notice for those interested in PuppyPalooza 2002: To express interest and suggest location, go here now. Currently, Chicago, DC, and Vegas are in the lead, and at last I checked, I was on top of the list (cus I'm cool like that). Anywho...yes, support PuppyPalooza 2002.

Think I might go to bed soon. I really should. I'm so totally falling asleep right now.

Countdown until Aerosmith: 2 Days, 20 hours, 3 minutes. How fucking cool?

If I won a million dollars right now, I would spend it on flying around the country to see concert.

If I don't sleep now, I will be very crabby later. Good night everyone. Love goes out to all!
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