October 18th, 2001


Couple things...mostly for Ci...

One, do we have dentist appointments on Saturday? I have rehearsal and I'm not sure if it starts at 9 or 10.

Two!!!! I heard on the radio this morning that Les Miserables is coming back to the Auditorium Theatre this winter!!!!!!! Okay, let's try and analogy here: Beauty and the Beast is to you as [blank] is to me. If you chose Les Miz, good for you!!! We need to go (cough...at least two or three, maybe four times)
EDIT: Tickets are already on sale. Eee! December 26th until January 19. *whine* Cici!!!

Three, Damn. I forgot it. I'm so bad at that. I should write things down. I think mommy's mind is wearing off more than we think. I'm too young to be like this.

And...to steal from privatekinoCollapse )
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Hello and Welcome to Totally Stupid Gail...

Yes, that's right. I have wasted my entire night online and watching TV. Yes, I do have an unusually large load of homework tonight. Yes, I am an idiot.

Damn. Well, off to start my yucky crappy gross homework. Blah.
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    ER on TV...yeah, that's gonna help me to concentrate