October 16th, 2001


A Couple things....

One, Learn to Fly is on. Yes, a bit creepy, but there were a few songs between this and the last one.

Two, is the drummer from Nirvana now the guy in Foo Fighters. I'm not an expert of either of these bands, but watching Nirvana Unplugged on MTV and the drummer looks like the dude from Foo Fighters. Anyone know?

Three, have you seen The Breakfast Club? Of course you have. Anyway, interesting fact...the field that Judd Nelson walks through at the very end is Adams' Field, my school's football field. Nifty, huh? The actual school is Glenbrook North (I think), but the field is ours.
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Two Journals at once....Whoo-who!!

My last journal was a survey, but while doing that, I want to talk about my day. Because. that's what I do.

I love when MTV plays stuff like Staind and Nickelback. I enjoy the rap stuff sometimes, but it gets to be too much.

Took the PSATs this morning. The first math and verbal were easy. So was the second math. The second verbal was harder, and I think I screwed up on the writing section. It's okay, because colleges don't see these scores.

I went in thinking it was going to be a lot harder. Assuming the infamous analogies section would be two words I had never heard of being compared to another two words I didn't know. This wasn't the case, although there were definitely enough words through out the test that I haven't learned in my 15 years of speaking the English language.

I filled in the bubbles for my potential major to be English Education and possible career to be High School Teacher. I realize this is nothing permanent, but it's like the first step. A little scary. Now I'm going to start getting mail from every obscure college and university in the world. Okay, exaggeration, but still. I'm going to have more information than I know what to do with.

Even though I only had three classes, the day dragged on. Blah. But, I have very little homework. Actually, the english assignment isn't due until Thursday, and my math that I was going to do isn't due until Thursday either. I want to try and get ahead in Calculus, so maybe I can stop falling behind. English is a quick response so I'm going to do it, just to get it done.

Rehearsal was okay. Tech starts next week. Our first show is two weeks from tomorrow. I think we are pretty well set, just have to clean up a few scenes. It's exciting.

That's about it. Taped Chris on The View. Think I'm going to just tape over it. It takes up 45 minutes on the tape, and he's only there for about 3. It wasn't overly entertaining either. Though he did mention that skirt again....

Homework time! Then I'm going to Ci's to get my OTL soundtrack that she bought for me. Love you Ci! Might hang there for a while too. I don't have to wake up until 10:30 tomorrow. I can stay up as late as I want, and still get sleep. Yummy sleep...
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It's Been A Hard Day's Night...

Not really, but what the hell? It's a good subject line.

I'm kinda tired, though I haven't even began my Calculus. I really want to get it done so I won't have to do it tomorrow.

Bridgette, a friend of mine that graduated this past May, is coming home tomorrow, and I might go to dinner with her, Steph, and maybe Steph's mom and other people. Then Jen's flying in from Miami on Thursday to surprise her family. I will hopefully get to hang out with her and Bridgette a lot this weekend. I might go with them and Steph to Highland Park's STUNTS show. Don't really know though.

I'm talking to Elliott. Yay! I decided to actually sign on to AIM. There's a concept. I've sort of been rebelling against it. But it allows me to connect with friends I don't get to see much. I should come on more.

Then again, when on AIM, strange people IM you. Or at least the weirdos always seem to find me. I take it with a grain of salt though. Act nice and chipper and interested in whatever egocentric thing they discuss, while staying completely removed from the conversation. I think I've made it an art. I still have trouble finding an out. Why do they always ramble about themselves? Is this just human male nature?

Yeah, so I'm boring myself right now. *scurries off to start calculus...maybe*
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