October 11th, 2001


I've got all my life to live, and I've got all my love to give....

...I will survive.

Yes, this week has been *hellishly* long. Today, we had shortened classes. 32 minutes until 42, and the day seemed to drag more than usual. Made me very happy we didn't have a full schedule. God, that would have sucked.

Dismissal was at 2, but I had rehearsal until six (actually it was 6:30 by the time we got out). Extra long, but it was fun. There were only the three main characters, then me, another assistant director, and the actual director. It's always better when there are less people, in my opinion.

This means I got home at 6:45. Thanks to the president's speech, I was able to get homework done before Friends came on. I'm not as easily entertained as I used to be, apparently. It had it's high points, but mostly felt like I was wasting time. Better stick with the highly intellectual puppy footage. (that was a joke. Laugh.)

So yeah, yesterday, I was up until 1am doing homework. Then I got in the shower. Tonight, I was done by 10:15. Ummm...?? WTF? Not complaining that I got done early, but for god's sake, can't teachers find a better balance?? Thankfully this weekend is Homecoming, so many teachers won't assign homework. I take that back, only one of mine won't assign homework. But I did my French already, so that's two down. The rest of my evil teachers will.

I hate homework...new topic.

Saw Lance on Entertainment Tonight. His girlfriend is not all that cute. He could so do better. But hey, it's his life.

And Jack on Will & Grace doing the dance to Pop. I was so flipping out! I tried to contain myself because mommy was in the room, and she doesn't understand the NSYNC fascination, but I was still extremely giddy. Sean Hayes is the coolest!

By the way...Happy National Coming Out Day. *throws confetti* Yay! I feel the need to quote from The Heidi Chronicles.
Peter (a gay pediatrician): Sheep. She realized she prefers sheep. Makes sense. And I prefer Stanley.

Okay, that's all for now. Until next time!

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Hahahahahaha! Ahahahaha!

Mark McGrath was nominated for best navel on the My VH1 Awards. I find that funny.

Go to VH1 and vote for finalists. Puppies are listed in a bunch of categories. And if you have no other preferences, vote for Matchbox Twenty where ever possible. Support the cause of getting my Robbie on stage to accept awards. Hee hee...so selfish...
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(no subject)

My sister and I have 23 interests in common. I guess that's cus we're related. We still remain to be the only ones with "mocking steve fatone". It really became a hobby this summer. He's such a slack.
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Yet another entry....be happy!

I had a bad day, but I'm in such a good mood that I don't want to go into it, for fear I will again become upset and depressed.

So yes...just to tell you, today was not good, and I have so much stress, it's horrible.

But I'm thinking about mocking Steve Fatone, so that's fun.


christina_a has "smugbastard!lance" on her interests list. Nooooo!! This is *mine*. I made it up. I was an original. I was the only one to have it listed. Damn her. Steal my ideas....

Other things that I'm the only one with them listed....("You still use lousy construction"
  • 101.9 the mix
  • acoustic versions of songs
  • acquiring cds
  • blue sky roadster
  • buying movies
  • dave fogel
  • eric and kathy
  • flaming!JC
  • girly!jc
  • interests list
  • jumbo thumb tacks
  • magenta from blue's clues
  • mini tickle-me-cookie monster
  • mp3/cd players
  • potbelly sandwiches
  • riovolt
  • single (the band)
  • sopraffina
  • stunts board

  • I'm such the individual!
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    I have sufficiently monopolized journals for a while. And it's midnight. Yay! It's officially Friday.

    Turned on Conan. After Chris Kattan, Lance will be on. Perhaps I'll go to bed at 12:30. I like six and a half hours of sleep. It's more than I got last night.

    Yeah, last entry. I promise. No matter how adorable Lance may be. It will wait. Good night all!
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