October 8th, 2001


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I totally apologize if I just made your friends list hugely expand to the right cus of my cut away. Sorry. I figured it would skip to the next line. Apparently not. Oops.

Off to get breakfast. *scurries away, laughing demoniacally* *she enjoys not having school today*
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I flipped on MTV and it was Becoming. Becoming the Backstreet Boys.

One, whoever is playing Kevin is hotter than the actual Kevin, and they have a black kid playing Howie.

I think that is the greatest ever. Pretend Nick is a spaz, but the fake AJ is kinda cool.
I don't know the fifth one's name, so I shall scurry away again. I still need breakfast.

It makes me really happy that these guys were so enthused about being the BSB. It's really cute. The kid being Nick totally began to cry because he was so happy to have been given that oppertunity. It was totally cute.
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Finally, puppies on Ananda. They were so cute. Mmmmm...cuddly puppies. Yay!

Grr...Making the Band marathon on MTV. Cici called me right after Ananda ended, to see how it went and we talked for a bit. She said I should watch MtB and get to know O*Town so that I'm an expert by the Britney concert. I've watched about 15 minutes and have decided that Dan is cool. He didn't actually win the contest thing, but something happened and he got called in to join. He'd definitely the most talented of them all. And the whiny kid that can't sing his harmonies to the Star-Spangled Banner is really annoying. I don't know any of the names except Dan, sorry. Also, Lou is a total fat ass and is pure evil. Sick, manipulative man. Question: How many acts does Johnny manage? I know NSYNC and Britney. Does he also do BSB and O*Town now? Man, that dude is totally loaded. Must be nice to be him.

Okay, well I have to get started on homework now. Shall be back later. Ta ta!
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Cus that's the way I am...

Always unsatisfied...that's me.

Anyway, I decided to change around my icons (again). I brought back some old familiar ones (my Brit with green hat and Justin with a hat smiling), as well as some new ones.

This is a new one. I've had it for a while, but never uploaded it to use it. Pretty Lance baby. Yum.
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Other two icons....

My other two Icons are both JC. Because...well...yes. Just...yes.

I love JC. He's the sweetest most adorable boy in the whole world. Preety JC...
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Last one...

Taken from Rachel's beautiful artwork.

This is from one of my favorite pictures. So much JC love!
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TRL News....

One, does/will someone get a screen cap of Justin during his little interview thing..because....um...with the growing out dark hair and the scruff...gah... (I have it on tape if it would help...)

Two....Oh my god!!!! I could really care less about NSYNC and BSB joining forces for the United We Stand thing, but NSYNC and Matchbox Twenty!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally screeched so loud my cat ran out of the room. AHHHHHHH!!!!! Robbie and Paul the slash-sluts meet up with JC and the rest of the flaming boys. I'm am sooooooooo excited!!!! What I wouldn't give to be at that concert!
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For those that missed it....

Anyone regretting missing TRL today...Here's an article with the United we Stand information.

Those groups, [NSYNC and BSB] along with Ricky Martin, Bon Jovi, the Goo Goo Dolls and Carlos Santana, are confirmed to perform at "United We Stand," as the show is titled, taking place October 21 at Washington, D.C.'s RFK Stadium. Other artists are expected to appear, and additional performers will be announced shortly.

"It's amazing," his bandmate Lance Bass added. "President Bush is definitely backing it up, and we have everyone from Aerosmith to Matchbox Twenty, us, Britney, Bruce Springsteen... So many people are coming out and really supporting this thing ... and Michael Jackson will be there. It'll be big."
[I bolded that myself...hee hee hee!]
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Motivation sucks...

...though only because I have none.

I did finish my english homework. A lot of the class is creative writing, narratives, or opinions stuff (and I have plenty of opinions) so it's not all that tough for me. This is good.

Also good is that I'm listening to Aaron Lewis (from Staind) and Fred Durst singing "Outside". Yay. Even if they do get a bit out of tune, I think it adds to the song, because it gives emotions, or something. I don't know, I just like it

Still have to study for Calculus. Which I hate. And I'm not doing well in. And I really want to drop, but can't because I have no where to go. The track system for classes is great, unless you start a year ahead. I took geometry in 8th grade and totally fucked up my math schedule. Usually people take Calculus as a senior, or not at all, because their last class was Analysis as a senior. Well, I'm a Junior in Calculus and I took analysis as a sophomore. I have no where to drop to (because there is no level 2 Calculus...only AP) and I don't know what I'm going to be taking next year. Blah.

I also still have to study for physics. Which I hate. A lot. I don't understand half the stuff because my teacher doesn't teach. Mock conversation -
-Student: Mr. Bruss, I don't understand how to do this problem.
-Bruss: Well, you'll have to plug those numbers into the equations.
-Student: Yeah, I found the equations, but I can't figure out which ones to use. I don't think there is enough information.
-Bruss: Well, that's a problem. You should figure out with equations to use, then use those numbers.
-Student: I tried that and none of them work.
-Bruss: You better figure it out before the test on Tuesday.
He's so much help, it's not even funny. Most the time, he doesn't even understand how to explain the problem to you. He can do them just fine, he just can't teach other people how to do them. It's kind of a problem, cus, ya know, he's the teacher. Gah! I hate the class.

Well, I should go do something. Maybe go buy the Bob for Ci and I, and Teen People for her (ha ha, I already have mine...it's good to be a subscriber. And I didn't even realize I was until I saw it in the mail.) Anywho...I'm off to either slack off, or bang my head against a wall while trying to study. Bye.
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Because I have to...

I love Rhys so much. [Boyfriend]

I should start studying. I haven't at all. That was more important. And so was Comedy Edition of Millionaire. Very funny.

Okay, so now I need to get to work...after I read through my friend's page, make comments, become distracted again and post another entry...
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One last note before I study for physics and calculus (I promise, I'll study)

RobTober is my favorite month ever.
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My physics teacher is an asshole....

I really hate him. He's evil and he pretends like he is god-sent. On the bottom of our weekly schedule/syllabus for the class, he writes:
"Developed by Mr. Bruss on 9/30/01 for the organizational benefit of the ELITE physics students of DHS."

And, on the bottom of a test info sheet where he tells us what to study, he but (and yes, it's formatted like this):
"EXPECT A TOO-LONG TEST (Sorry, but life is not always fair), so work quickly and don't get bogged down in stuff you don't know well!"

He might as well put, "I didn't prepare you well for this test, so do what you can, but don't be disappointed when your grade sucks."

Evil Mr. Bruss. Pure evil...
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I don't think I can handle a four day week. I know, bitch-moan-bitch-moan..."at least you had Monday off..." But I can't do it. How about two days? Two would be nice. Compromise? 3? I'll do three, honest.

Well, it's homecoming week. This means major decorations and school spirit. Will make me happy. I love this kind of shit. Unity and stuff like that. You should see me around the Olympics. I spazz. It's all Olympics, all the time. Even the obscure stuff that they only show at 2 am because nobody wants to watch it. But I do. I *want* to watch all of it. It's absolutely fantastic.

I still don't want to go...don't make me go! I think I'm feverish. *cough* *cough* Look at that. Definitely sick. Mommy, my tummy hurts...I have a head ache...I just don't want to go to classes. Will you call me out sick? I promise to sleep all day, and I won't leave the house, cus I'm sick...

I'm such a child...
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So much slash...so little time...

It wasn't much, but I did the studying I should do.

I'm so totally in a slash mood. I should go to bed, but I want to find a good story to read and squee over, hoping somewhere deep in the back of my mind that maybe Lance could love Chris, or in an even farther stretch of the imagination, JC and Rob Thomas hook up and fall for each other. *sigh* If only the world were one big slash novel. It would be far more interesting.

If I don't find something worth reading in the next 15 minutes, I will go to bed. If I do...hee hee hee...I will be up for a very long time (I'm a slow reader). *scurries off*
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So fulfilled now....

First, read on of Rhys older ones. Don't remember the name, or the link, but it was the one where Joey deflowers Justin (and you know where to find it).

Second, on suggestion from Lois, Mind Fuck. It's Lance and Fred Durst. Oh my god, but I loved it. It's so...Lance. Manipulative bastard....!!

Okay, well now I'm off to have some slashy dreams, probably including one or more of the following: a puppy (any puppy, it doesn't really matter), Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette, Fred Durst, Carson Daly, and/or Aaron Lewis (listening to "Outside" really does that to you.)
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