October 6th, 2001


It's 6:19...do you know where I am?

Felt the need to update. Hey all!

Yeah, so Fortress by Sister Hazel is playing. Fantastic song. The whole CD is really very good. I would suggest it to anyone.

What do you expect out of me
I'm being buried alive and screaming
Can't you see - oh, can't you see me?

I've been stayin' high
And I've been feeling sorry, for myself
And I've been resurrecting my,
My fortress to protect myself

Love Sister Hazel so much.

Today was good. Woke up at 8:15. Showered, got gas and got to Saturday crew by 9:05. I was the first one there, but Eric came soon after and opened everything up. By 9:30, a couple more people came so we could start work.

Went to lunch at On the Border, then to Maplewood Park to hang out and play. It was fun. Really fun. I had a very good time. *smiles*

Just got home. I've been gone all day. Parents had dinner already. It's okay, cus lunch was only at 2, and I'm really not hungry now. In a few hours though, I will be.

I'm considering watching Princess Bride, Sound of Music, or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Not sure which though. Suggestions?

For some reason I'm really cold right now. I have jeans, a long sleeved shirt, socks and a long thick sweater on, and I'm still shivering. I don't really understand it. Oh well, thus is life, I suppose.

Well, I guess I'm kinda done for now. Perhaps I will talk to you all later.
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Holy Fuck!

Checking my aol mail. Last time I checked it was the 4th. Less than 2 days ago.

74 messages. What the hell? I can guarantee that at least 65 is junk. Pure and simple trash.

Off to go sift through e-mail...wish me luck...

EDIT: It was all junk. Every piece. 74...all of them, junk. I didn't subscribe for this, stop sending it!
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Evening at home with the folks...

It's been a while since I actually hung out with family. Well, I'm probably overreacting, but what the hey.

Had chinese for dinner. Yay! Then we were watching Sleepless in Seattle on TNT. When that ended, they put on When Harry Met Sally. Two good movies in a row. So great. It Could Happen To You is actually on right now, but I'm really tired, even though that's a good movie too. Gotta love the chick-flicks.

Will be going to Target tomorrow for new pajama's (they always have the best pj pants) and slippers. I need them cus I lost my rubber ducky pants (they were the coolest ever. It's really sad that they are gone) and my slippers from last year were worn lovingly, but are now totally trashed. Maybe worn too lovingly. Oh well, it's just in time for Pajama Day. This next week is Homecoming Week. School goes all out for it. Decorations and spirit days galore. It's great.

For now, however, I'm very tired. Good night everybody.
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Oh no....

It's 33 degrees out right now. Geez, that's almost freezing. Brace yourselve, it's going to be a long winter in Chicago.
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Final post, I promise....

I heard the song "Can't Always Get What You Want" today, and was totally thinking how much better it is when my Robbie is doing a cover of it. Yummy matchsticks.

Das it. Good night.
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