October 3rd, 2001


Tomorrow's Thursday...that's close to Friday...

Ever more the optimist. Yes, in case you haven't noticed, I go through extreme mood swings.

I want to marry Aaron Sorkin. And if that is impossible, I'll be come his personal slave, or anything. I would like to devote my life to that man because he is brilliant. He's a genius. He is...gah. Amazing. He is being added to my interests list.

The West Wing was good (in case you couldn't tell by my revering Aaron as a god). I thought is was really informative, as well as real. I love Josh, and Leo...oh my god. He is just...yes. His words were so mean and horrible, and yet are the same thoughts going through thousands of American's minds. Again, Aaron Sorkin is absolutely the best ever. Can't wait until the season premiere next week.

Had dinner with Ci tonight. Brought homework, but only got done with English. Oh well. I don't have that much anyway. My US History test that was supposed to be tomorrow was postponed to Friday because Mr. Heerman wasn't here again today. And the Calculus test was moved from Friday to Tuesday (yay Columbus Day!). By the time of the AP exams, we are going to be so behind. We've had to push back the last two tests. The first was reasonable. I mean, the events of September 11th were more important than any of that shit they teach you in school.

I apologize to anyone who posted really cool stuff and I didn't comment. I try to leave those whenever I can, but my friend's list is so behind right now, that I'm just going to start over and read from the most recent and say screw the old stuff. I really have no time to read a bunch of stuff, though I really do enjoy it.

Anywho, time to get going on French homework, then Calc. Then I'm done. Whoo-who!
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I love MASH...and here is virtual MASH!!!

My results:
You live in a Apartment.
You're married to Eric.
You drive a BMW Z3.
Your car is the color Silver.
You live in the state New York.
Your honeymoon is Bahamas.
Your occupation is a House wife.
You have this many kids: 3 (2 male; 1 female).

The apartment part kinda sucks, but the rest is flippin' awesome! God, I want this life so bad....mommy! I want this life. Please please please, with sugar on top!!

Silver BMW Z3. Hi, that's *my* car. I want it...really bad. and a housewife? My ideal occupation. I want to be a soccer mom. Think it's a copp-out? No, it's actually what I'd want to do.

*sigh* Happiness is a good turn out on MASH...
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