October 2nd, 2001


Hey There....

Feeling a little better. Though all day today, was just crap. I almost fell asleep during Physics, Calculus, and US History. I did fall asleep for a couple minutes in French. I had a pounding headache all day. I even woke up with a fever this morning.

Well, headache is still here, but so much better than before that I hardly notice. Fever's gone, but sore throat has been getting worse progressively through the day. I guess you can't have it all. Oh well.

Got an e-mail back from Dexter Freebish (it was Chris, bassist and vocals). He said they were sorry to have missed Chicago, and were now working on the new album, so they weren't going to be touring. He did say, however, that early next year they would come around again. Yay!

And, yes, Cici, that icon is of Joey. Problem with that?? even though he is number five...ouch...he still gets an icon. I gotta get me a new Lance, maybe JC too. eventually.

Anyway, Dado is making burgers on the Weber for dinner. Yay! And I gotta start homework. Don't have too much. I have to write an entire history paper, but it shouldn't be that bad. In honor of Ci's shock, I believe I will again use Joey.

One last thing! We got grade print-outs in English today. I have a 96.4%. Score!
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Kitty is burying herself in blankets on my bed, and keeps hitting my Tickle-Me-Cookie Monster. It's funny because out of the blue, I just hear..."Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Oh boy, oh boy!" It's so cute.

Ha ha, she hit it again. Silly kitty.
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I'm totally done with my homework!! *throws confetti* It's 9:15 and I have already finished everything I needed to do. Wrote my US History essay in about an hour, and before that, got my Calculus and English done. It's such a good feeling.

I think I'm going to go take a shower early...just because I *can*. Yay!
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Bed time....

It's about time I be getting to bed. I took a very nice shower. Yay cleanness. And, I changed the color schemes for my friends list. There were too many overlapping and it was getting annoying. Now it's all pretty and different...or at least more so than previously.

Well, I guess that's about it. I'll talk to you all later. Nighty-night!
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