September 27th, 2001


Happy Yom Kippur!

And certainly it has been a happy day!

I woke up at 9:30 and started homework at 10. Though I spent 5 hours on homework, mostly physics, I didn't care because I was doing it while lounging in my pajamas, on my couch and flipping between MTV, VH1 and our digital music channels. It was nice.

And, I saw the Staind video for "Fade" twice, and heard it once more. Yay! Definitely need to go out and by Break the Cycle, but I have no money.

I have to pick up pictures from Walgreens. Yay pictures!

Was watching Teen Jeopardy or whatever, and getting all the questions right. That makes me happy.

Downloaded 4 new songs. Live - Simple Creed; Staind - Fade; Green Day - Welcome to Paradise; Incubus - I Wish You Were Here.

I was nominated to be inducted into the French Honor's Society. That will look good on college transcripts, so yay! I knew taking 5 years of French was going to be worth something.

I'm going to go to Ci's in a little bit, so I can edit pictures. Maybe scan some more too.

I'm currently helping Allie to order tickets for Britney Spears. (She and her little sister will be going.) Apparently there was a pre-sale that I didn't hear about. Oh well. Actual tickets go on sale Saturday, and is being super wonky, so I think I'll just try later. Now I know the pre-sale code though. Muahahahaha! and the pre-sale continues until tomorrow night. Plenty of time to get me some tickets to Britney.

Gonna go pick up film now. Tootle-oo!
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Almost done...

JC's eye.

I like it cus it's smiling. and a pretty shape...and the little whispies of hair in the corner...I really like this one...

*sigh* That was tough...

Yes, those are my new icons. I made a bunch at my sister's tonight, and those were the chosen few. I didn't have a whole lot of lee-way, because I wasn't able to resize anything, only crop. Hence the JC eye (which I actually love) and some of the other random ones.

So, yes, I went to Ci's apartment tonight. Had dinner there too. Watched part of CSI. It was pretty good. Totally missed the Friends wedding. Anyone see it and wanna give me highlights?

Got home about an hour ago. Changed icons. Figured out which ones I wanted to use, etc...then posted them all. Yep, it took me about 45 minutes. It didn't seem like that long though.

Don't want to go to school tomorrow, but the good part is that it's Friday. Then weekend. Hooray! I like this, "no school Thursday, then go Friday, then weekend" thing. It's nice.

Well, tomorrow's Allie's birthday, so I have to make signed to decorate her locker with. I might write an entry before bed.
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    For the Girl.... (still stuck in head - JC's descant part!)

Another day done...

As the night quickly draws to an end,
and the clock ticks steadily toward midnight,
I pause to reflect...

That was random, I realize, but I'm in a rather philosophical mood. It's interesting, really.

I made Allie a bunch of signs for her birthday. 14 actually. They are mostly simple, but for half of them, I found quotes about aging. Some were really good. Personal favorite: "You're only young once, but you can be immature forever." I like it. It's true, and fun, and just...yes. I fear I may be loosing my philosophical edge rather quickly.

Well, the signs are almost done printing, and I'm almost done for the day, so I shall leave you all for the day. I bid thee all have a good night, and fantastic Friday. I will be back tomorrow. Fare thee well!
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