September 26th, 2001


So past my bedtime

Just writing to say that I *could've* been in bed at midnight. It's now 1:19. Stupid survey....but it was fun. *grins*

Hee hee...Ready to Fall....On the Line...three weeks from Friday...Lance...squee.

Yeah, so bed. Class is in 6 hours. Ouch. Night all!
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

I can not tell you how excited I am right now!!!!

Okay, so for chorus, every year, Chorale (the oldest choir: Jr and Sr girls, Soph, Jr, and Sr guys) gets to go on a trip. Last year, they went to Tennessee., right? Well, they do a "big" trip every other year, that was an off year. They year before, they went to Disney World, and performed there and spent a few days chilling around Orlando. That was cool. I didn't get to go.

So this year, I get to go on my first trip. Mrs. Akers was keeping all secretive until she got the okay from the school board. However, after the September 11th tragedy, the idea had to go back to the board. So today, she finally told us what was going on.

We were approved. We are going to LA!!! Oh my god, it's going to be incredible. We will probably go to USC and UCLA to perform and visit. We also might perform at Disneyland, and see The Lion King the Musical in Los Angeles. I am so EXCITED!!!! Also, good news, because we are a group, and tourism has sort of gone down, we can probably get really good deals on hotels and airfare. It's going to be in February, but I can't wait. AHHHH!!!!!

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Just saw Gone....

"Stripped down song"....*sigh*


The close ups of Justin are....oh my god. He films really well. I almost don't care that the other guys aren't there a whole lot.

JC with facial hair. *sigh* I love that boy.

Joey and JC dancing at the party. Squee.

Justin is so beautiful, especially in black and white.

JC is also incredibly beautiful, especially in black and white.

I love Lance's attempt at a beard.

Haven't planned second leg of US tour. Please! Come back! "I don't know if we can do another PopOdysey" *sigh* damn it.

Oh! Brit and Jup on vacation together. And her vid's at number one. That's adorable. Yay!

I'm so torn....Jup or Brit icon? Hmmm...just used Britney, I guess I'll go with JuJu-Bee.
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In other news.

I love Puppies, but that's not really "other news".

U2 is awesome. I really wish I could see them in concert.

I love FoxTrot.

I have no school tomorrow. In a related note, Happy Holiday to all those celebrating Yom Kippur this evening and tomorrow. Have fun fasting.

Nickleback's "How You Remind Me" is on MTV. This is an awesome song. Downloading currently. Perhaps I shall download more of their songs also. I'm so behind the times. I'm just now downloading "Alive" by POD. *sigh* Someday I will be on top of things.

I really wish I had MTV2! Staind Unplugged is going to be on tomorrow. Anyone out there that gets MTV2 want to tape it for me?? I'd love you forever

Perhaps I will do homework, though I don't have any classes tomorrow. I wouldn't mind staying up until midnight to do homework if I didn't have to wake up before 7 everyday. Right. Like that's going to happen. Oh well....perhaps it will. Or perhaps I will clean my room. It's upsetting how messy it is. I would also like to get over to my sister's to edit some pictures into good icons and such. Hmmm...wonder what I'll actually get done.

How old is Kurt Lauder? Sweet jesus, he looks bad.

Hee hee. Writing an e-mail to Dexter Freebish to ask if they will be coming back to Chicago. Hell, Single is coming (perhaps with my help), so why can't Dexter? Maybe I'll e-mail Sister Hazel while I'm at it. Hee hee!
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Okay, I might be done for a while after this...

...but probably not.

So I e-mailed both Dexter Freebish and Sister Hazel. Not that I think it will go anywhere, but how awesome if it did?

Mkay, I finished downloading a bunch of songs. Now I will load them into my mp3 player, and go check the family and see what's up for dinner. Tootles!
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I'm back!!!

Ya gotta give me credit for staying away for 45 minutes. Especially when I'm bored.

Told the parents about LA. Mommy mentioned that my first ride on an airplane was for the 8th grade trip to Washington DC, and my second would be on the chorus trip to Los Angeles. *throws confetti* Sounds like an affirmative response to me.

My brother's ex-fiancee is over. He's fixing her breaks, because she's moving to San Diego on Saturday. She's such a sweetie, and we all love her. Too bad things didn't work out.

Now for the reason I'm posting....
I realized yesterday that I totally miss my Political Science class from last year, and wish I was taking a class where you just go and discuss current events and politics. I totally love it. What sparked this, was my US History teacher (who has a section of PS before us) decided to take time out of the Colonies to discuss the NY primaries for mayor.

Basically, I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the NY Senate trying to make it possible for Rudy Guiliani to run for a third term as mayor. Anyone? Or anyone want to discuss something else in recent political events? I'm in a desperate search for intelligible conversation right now. Help!

If he isn't able to be mayor of NYC again, he will definitely become Senator in the election next fall. My opinion, at least. He's at a 95% approval rating. Higher than anyone in the US currently, and I think anyone since 1941. (I apologize if this is wrong, but it makes sense, because that was the time of FDR and Pearl Harbor.)

*Squee!* Okay, intellectual political discussion comes to a hault while I become terribly teenie. Tickets for Britney go on sale Saturday at noon! Ci, you wanna go? Pleasepleaseplease?!?!

Okay, so I just got an e-mail titled "Chicago Welcomes Aerosmith", advertising for their tour. It was to inform us that they would be playing at University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. Um....that's 3 hours away from Chicago. So really, "Central Illinois (the part filled with nothing but corn and fast food places along the hi-way) Welcomes Aerosmith". [For the record, the first time I saw Matchbox Twenty was on their college tour in Fall of '99, and I ditched school for two days to go down to Champaign and see them. My sister's school is about 45 minutes south, in Mattoon (Eastern Illinois University), so my cousin and I stayed with her. It was totally awesome!]

Okay, I'm done now. And hungry.
Me: Have you considered dinner yet?
Mommy: Considered, yes.
Then that was the end of the conversation. I'm from a family of procrastinating slacks. Ain't that the coolest?

And to reiterate....anyone with MTV2 want to tape Staind Unplugged tomorrow for me? *grins hopefully*
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I'm a bit sleepy, so I think I'll hit the hay soon.

Updated my website. There is now a page of Heermanisms, quotes, jokes and analogies thanks to my US History teacher. He's a funny guy, and I think you will find the humor in them, even if you weren't there.

Also, my concerts page. It has the names and dates of the 11 concerts I've been to in my lifetime. (10 of them within the past 12 months. 8 within the past 4 months). It also has where they were. I'm gone out of town for 4 concerts. Out of state for 3 of those. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

That's bout it. I did my calculus and French homework. Also, half of my History. I have a crap-load of Physics to do tomorrow, and the rest of my history (but that will be somewhat easy.) Hopefully, I'll get time to go to a Ci's apartment to use her nice picture editing software. The only thing I have is Paint. How much does that suck? I really gotta get me something good. *sigh* Eventually...

Still totally psyched about LA. I basically haven't shut up about it. I know my parents are probably both silently protesting a little. Flying from Chicago to LA is a bit dangerous these days. Hopefully everything will have lightened up by then. It probably won't, but I think we will be safe. Either way, I'm really excited.

Friday is Allie's birthday. We might go out that night. Don't know if it's going to be a big group thing or a smaller gathering. I'm a little irritated with a couple of my friends, but of course, they don't know it. Girls are good at hiding that sort of stuff. Either way, my feelings will blow over, and it's not worth making a big deal over, so I'm sitting quiet and waiting.

Candace want to go to the Olive Garden for dinner tomorrow. I'm not one to turn down Olive Garden (it's my favorite restaurant), but I don't know if I have the money for it. Which reminds me, I need to bring $ for a Homecoming Sweatshirt, the PSATs, and a class ring deposit. Class ring is a problem. I want to get a white gold band (because the silver they have looks cheap), and the stone I want is an extra $110. Ouch. But I really don't like the cheaper stones. They aren't as pretty of colors. But that combination would make a ring that is over $300. I don't think it's worth it, but I would probably wear it. I think I'll talk to mommy about it tomorrow. See what she'll let me get.

Yeah, so I think it's my bedtime now. Since I'll be home tomorrow, I'll probably post fairly often. Fair warning.
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