September 23rd, 2001


Quick thing before showering....

Yes, I'm up. Zoe called me this morning at 9 looking for Grandma. Woke me up. Grrr. That's okay, I needed to get up anyway.

Second, I've seen the Behind the Music of Metallica twice, but it is the best. James Hetfield is totally awesome.

Yes, we sell out...every seat in the house everytime we play.

That is all.
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Squee!! Shoe shopping with mama!!!

Oooo....Lee Ann Womack's "Ashes By Now".

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So shoe-shopping turned into more than just shopping for shoes. I got two pairs of jeans, a sweater, and three long-sleeved tee-shirts. Happiness is new clothes.

Cici is over and kicking me off my computer. Grr.... I'm guessing she will be posting a new entry momentarily.

*Squee!* "That's When I'll Stop Loving You"!!!
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More shopping....

In trying to put off my homework for as long as possible, Ci and I will be going to Best Buy (hopefully soon). We are so much trouble there...especially when we have money or credit cards.

Oh yeah. And I'm taping off of Ci's Making the Tour DVD. Hee hee...puppies are the cutest.

Chris: Oh my god! Seattle's on fire! Somebody do something!
Justin (laughs nervously): You're weird.
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JC...hee hee hee

In order to get a hacky, we each have to hit it. You'd think after four years we'd have it down to a science....We suck.
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Went to Best Buy. Ci bought me the Special Edition Princess Bride. Thanks, sis!! She also got some bargain DVDs, and a printer cable thing.

We got dinner for the family from Boston Market. Yummy.

Now that my food is settling and I'm becoming increasing lethargic, I guess I should start homework. I have well over 3 hours, and I still want to watch the Practice two-hour season premier. Damn, I'm gonna be up late. Grrr... At least I don't have school on Thursday, and there won't be rehearsal after school Wednesday. 2 and a half days, basically.

Ewww. Physics lab. *bangs head against desk* Someone, just hurt me now!!
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Hey all you French speakers out there...wanna lend me a helping hand? Revise this, s'il vous plait? Merci!


Bonjour et bienvenue ma vie. Je mappelle Mlanie et jai seize ans. En novembre, jaurai dix-sept ans. Jhabite Deerfield avec mes parents et ma chatte, qui sappelle Cici.

Jai une grande famille, avec trois surs, un frre, mes parents, et moi. Je suis la benjamine de la famille. Mes deux sur ges et mon frre habitent dans leurs appartements, et mon autre sur habite luniversit. Je suis la seule fille qui habite la maison de mes parents. lcole, je participe aux activites que jadore. Je chante, fais le thtre et fais le stage crew. Mes passe-temps prfrs sont voir les films, couter de la musique et aller aux concerts. Jadore la musique! Jai cent huit disques compact, et je suis alle dix concerts. Ils taient fantastique.

Je me suis amuse pendant mes vacances dt. Jai toujours gard ma nice (exceptent le samedi et le dimanche). Jai vu sept concerts (deux dans les autre tats). Les soirs, je suis alle chez de mes amis. Nous avons ador voir les films, jouer des jeux (surtout les jeux vido), et manger les junk foods. Ctait trs amusant. Aussi, cet t, jai particip dans le mariage de ma sur. Jtais une demoiselle, et jai mis une trs belle robe.

Cette anne, je prendrai beaucoup de classes. Je prfre la classe danglais, de thtre, et de chorale. Je dteste la classe de maths et de sciences physiqus. Elles sont horribles et barbants. Jirai deux autre concerts aux mois de septembre et octobre. Je vais travailler la pice dautomne, et aussi STUNTS. Je suis la directrice assistant et directrice de scne pour la pice, et la directrice de scne pour STUNTS. a sera trs cool.

En conclusion, jai un vie active avec beaucoup de chose tout le temps. Je nai pas beaucoup de temps pour me reposer, mais, jaime bien ma vie bouscule.
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More help, please?

I need to find a song, or story, or something analogous to the play I just read. It's about a boy who kills his father because his father hates him. The boy, however, still feels a deep connection with his father and is almost exactly like the man.

Remind you of anything? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Please?
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FUCK IT!!!!!!

I'm doing my physics graphs, and realized that stupid mr. teacher man told us to graph x vs. t, when actually it was supposed to be the change in x vs. t. This means that the 6 graphs that I just did. The six graphs that just took me 2 HOURS to do are


c o m p l e t e l y



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I think I want to be European...

In most European Nations, the calendar week begins on a Monday. Thus, today (Sunday) would be the end of the past week. If this were the case, today would be the finale in last week's total suckiness.

However, in the States, we start the week on a Sunday. Which means I have just begun a brand new week of suckiness.

Damn it!

[Oh, and in case you care...I did another two physics graphs. I'm now not sure which ones are right, and which are useless, but I think I have what I need somewhere in the pile of stupid dots on a grid. Now to actually write up the lab...]
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Okay, so it seems only two of the graphs were potentially wrong. I did those over. I'm not sure if the new ones or the old ones are right. Now, I realized two more of the graphs are wrong, but I don't even know how to fix those. However, I checked the schedule and the lab isn't due until Friday, just the graphs are due tomorrow (perhaps there is a god who only gives me what he knows I can handle...though I barely handled this). Knowing Mr. Physics Teacher, he'll give us a quiz on the lab and graphs, before explaining it so that we understand. He's such an asshole. I don't want to be in this class anymore. Or Calculus, cus I think I'm not doing well in it. US History either. The only classes I know I'm passing with an A are English, Theatre, Chorus, and Gym. I think I have a B in French, and Those Other Three...B? Hopefully. Unfortunately, I might be closer to C range in any one of them. Why can't they just let me take the classes that I like? The classes I want to take? The classes I will actually try in? The classes that will help me in my career later in life? I wish I was back in Junior High when I got A's in every class and didn't even have to work for them. Damn it, those were the days.

Ya know it's bad when you start looking back at Junior High and reflect on positive experiences. I should really go do my english writing. *sigh* I don't even want to do that right now, and I like English.
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